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By CHLOE brightens Thayer with vegan eats

Popular in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, healthy eatery takes Au Bon Pain’s place

Senior Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

By CHLOE on Thayer Street adds a new dimension to local cuisine, pairing vegan, gluten-free and Kosher options with a trendy aesthetic.

By CHLOE, the long awaited casually hip vegan restaurant, opened its doors to eager customers at 223 Thayer St.on Friday, Jan.19.

This Thayer Street location is the newest addition to the by CHLOE chain, with two locations in Boston, one in Los Angeles and six open in addition to one upcoming in New York. By CHLOE is also spreading beyond the United States, with two locations slated to open in London this year, according to the restaurant’s website. The Providence location was originally set to premiere summer of 2017, The Herald previously reported.

By CHLOE has amassed a large social media following, boasting 87 thousand followers on Instagram and over 20,000 likes and follows on Facebook. This doesn’t come as a surprise — its rustic-meets-boho-meets-dream-dorm-room aesthetic is any instagrammer’s dream. At the Providence location, a white wicker swing with tie-dye pillows hangs in front of the window facing Thayer Street, creating the perfect spot for an afternoon study break — or photo opp.

“We’ve … worked hard to create a welcoming environment that encourages students to visit us for lunch between classes, as a meet up for a study group or a place to grab coffee with friends,” Samantha Wasser, cofounder of by CHLOE, wrote in an email to the Herald. The combination of small tiled bistro tables and larger dining tables allows for this variability.

The building by CHLOE occupies is not owned by Brown, unlike some of the retail and restaurant spaces on Thayer, said John Luipold, assistant-vice president of real estate for Brown. But Brown’s vicinity certainly served as a drawing factor for the restaurant chain. “When the corner location became available on Thayer Street, we knew we wanted it, so that meant Providence was our next city to conquer,” Wasser wrote.

“I think that the offerings that are on Thayer, particularly with the addition of by CHLOE and B.Good, tap in to the Brown student community very well,” Luipold said, noting that Thayer is following the trends of the restaurant industry, as healthier options take over.

By CHLOE’s decor and selection of healthy food are very much geared toward millennials, making college students the perfect audience. Its first location on Bleecker Street in New York City catered to New York University students.  “College towns are filled with a perfect cross-section of residents, students, faculty and tourism, and towns like Providence that have an amazing dining and culture scene only make it that much more appealing to us to continue growing,” Wasser wrote.

The millenial vibe of by CHLOE is evident as soon as customers reach the cashless register — by CHLOE has transitioned to a solely card based payment system. Orders are taken quickly, and cashiers request phone numbers along with names so texts can be  sent automatically once orders are ready. Among the menu’s favorites are the sweet potato fries, avocado pesto pasta and creative daily specials such as clementine lemonade. The food isn’t necessarily cheap. The small serving of pasta is $5.95 and the popular Guac Burger is $10.95, but customers may find it reassuring to know that the ingredients are fresh and healthy, and that each dish is made to order.

Patrons Peri Sheinin ’21 and Katie Ta ’19 enjoyed an avocado toast and a spicy Thai salad. “I found out about it from my teammate who lives in Boston,” Sheinin said, affirming that she would return because of the selection of new and different lunch options. Both Ta and Sheinin agreed that the food was expensive, but the health benefits and flavors would bring them back.

The shop appears to have garnered popularity on campus — a walk by the storefront windows reveals students at last tasting the highly anticipated cuisine. “By CHLOE is a place where students can get affordable and delicious food no matter their dietary preferences. Whether you’re plant-based, kosher, dairy-free or gluten-free —there is an option for everyone,” Wasser wrote.

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