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Three University students test negative for COVID-19

Not all pending tests and isolations will be formally announced

Metro Editor
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

All three Brown students who were tested for COVID-19 earlier this week tested negative, according to a community-wide email sent Wednesday morning from Division of Campus Life officials. 

The students, who have been in isolation pending the outcome of their test results, will remain in isolation based on the recommendation of state health officials, according to the email written by Eric Estes, vice president for campus life, and Dr. Vanessa Britto MS’96, associate vice president for campus life and executive director for health and wellness.

Although Estes and Britto wrote that the University would not formally announce “all isolations or pending tests,” it will inform the community if any test results are positive for the virus.  

“While there are no presumed or confirmed COVID-19 cases on our campus,” more University community members may be isolated and tested as the virus continues to spread, the email read.

 “This is nonetheless positive news for these students and for the health of the entire Brown community,” Estes and Britto wrote.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

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