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Editors' Note, Opinions

Editors’ note: The Herald announces 131st Editorial Board

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Herald is proud to announce the members of its 131st Editorial Board, who will oversee the paper through its 130th year.

The 131st Editorial Board will be led by Editor-in-Chief and President Kayla Guo ’22, a Public Policy concentrator from Muttontown, New York. Henry Dawson ’22, a Biology concentrator from Washington, D.C., will serve as managing editor and vice president. Li Goldstein ’22, an English Nonfiction concentrator from New York City, will serve as managing editor.

Joining them on the editorial board are Senior Editors Kamran King ’22, an International Relations and Economics concentrator from New York City; Kate Ok ’22, an English concentrator from Irvine, California; Emily Teng ’22, an International Relations and Applied Math concentrator from Shanghai; and Emilija Sagaityte ’22, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology concentrator from Wayne, Pennsylvania.

In a moment of unprecedented challenges and unique potential for digital transformation, the 130th Editorial Board has full confidence that the new leadership will ensure The Herald continues to move forward and serve the University community to the best of our ability. We are excited to see what you accomplish, and are already so proud of you all.

The Herald also announced a new slate of business and post- leaders:


General Managers: Noah Colon ’22 and Michael Wang ’22


Editor-in-Chief: Olivia Howe ’22

Managing Editors: Alice Bai ’23, Minako Ogita ’21, Emma Schneider ’22, Caitlin McCartney ’22

—Editors’ Notes are written by The Herald’s 130th editorial board: Colleen Cronin ’21, Allie Reed ’21, Sophie Culpepper ’21, Elise Ryan ’21 and Alex Smolar ’21

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