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Poll numbers breakdown

Regardless of how you may vote, what do you usually consider yourself - a Republican, a Democrat, a Green, an Independent or some other party?Republican: 5.65%Democrat: 61.9%Green: 2.2%Independent and Other: 21.1%Don't Know/No Answer: 9.3%

Are you registered to vote?Yes: 75.0%No: 19.4%Not U.S. citizen: 6.0%

If yes:With which party are you registered to vote?Republican: 8.8%Unaffiliated: 36.0%Democratic: 54.9%

Are you registered to vote in Rhode Island, or in another state?In Rhode Island: 24.9%In another state: 74.9%

Are you planning to vote in the Nov. 7 election?Yes: 71.2%No: 28.2%

Do you approve or disapprove of President Ruth Simmons' stated goal of raising Brown's international profile?Strongly Approve: 34.1%Somewhat Approve: 36.6%Somewhat Disapprove: 5.1%Strongly Disapprove: 0.8%Don't Know/No Answer: 23.6%

Do you approve or disapprove of the University's response to the alleged incident of police brutality that occurred on campus Sept. 10?Strongly Approve: 11.9%Somewhat Approve: 37.0%Somewhat Disapprove: 21.6%Strongly Disapprove: 5.7%Don't Know/No Answer: 22.8%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Undergraduate Council of Students is handling its job?Strongly Approve: 4.5%Somewhat Approve: 34.4%Somewhat Disapprove: 15.0%Strongly Disapprove: 3.9%Don't Know/No Answer: 42.0%

Are you familiar with the Slavery & Justice committee and its recent report?Never heard of committee or report: 7.7%Heard of committee but didn't know about/will not read report: 37.2%Heard of committee, plan to read just report's recommendations: 36.3%Heard of committee, plan to read most or all of report: 17.9%NA: 0.5%

Do you approve or disapprove of the following recommendations?• Establishment of a center for the study of slaveryApprove: 59.9%Disapprove: 16.4%Don't Know/No Answer: 23.6%

• Creation of a memorial to the slave trade on campusApprove: 49.7%Disapprove: 22.5%Don't Know/No Answer: 27.6%

• Increased recruitment of students from Africa and the West IndiesApprove: 44.3%Disapprove: 21.1%Don't Know/No Answer: 34.4%

• An annual day of remembranceApprove: 55.2%Disapprove: 20.7%Don't Know/No Answer: 23.9%

About the poll:Written questionnaires were administered to 648 undergraduates in the Office of the Registrar on the third floor of University Hall during the second and last full week of pre-registration, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3. The poll has a margin of error of 3.8 percent with 95-percent confidence, with the exception of questions three, four and five - pertaining to voting habits - which have a margin of error of 4.4 percent with 95-percent confidence.

The sample population matches the undergraduate population on campus as a whole. The poll's sample was 52.3 percent male and 47.7 percent female. 31 percent of respondents were first-years, 29 percent were sophomores, 18.2 percent were juniors and 21.9 percent were seniors. The lower percentage of juniors is likely due to the comparatively high number of juniors studying away from campus. The racial/ethnic breakdown of the sample was as follows: 71.1 percent white, 5.1 percent black, 6.8 percent Hispanic, 18.4 percent Asian and 1.9 percent American Indian, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Respondents could choose to select more than one race or ethnicity.



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