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The following summary includes all major incidents reported to the Department of Public Safety between March 6 and March 12. It does not include general service and alarm calls. The Providence Police Department also responds to incidents occurring off campus. DPS does not divulge information on open cases that are currently under investigation by the department, PPD or the Office of Student Life. DPS maintains a daily log of all shift activity and general service calls which can be viewed during business hours at its headquarters, located at 75 Charlesfield St.

Thursday, March 6:

7:16 a.m. An employee reported that someone had spray painted the garage door at 55 Power Street with white paint sometime between 6 p.m. on March 5 and 7 a.m. on March 6. The incident is under investigation by DPS. (A on map.)

Time unclear: A student reported that at some time between 5:30 p.m. and 5:40 p.m. on March 6, unknown person(s) took some of his property from his room in Champlin Hall. He said he had left his room door ajar. There are no suspects at this time. (B)

Friday, March 7:

3:05 a.m. Officers were dispatched at the request of PPD to Sheldon Street to assist in dispersing a loud party involving University students. PPD issued a $200 fine and officers cleared the party-goers without incident. (Not shown)

3:56 a.m. Facilities Management staff members stated that they witnessed three individuals pull the John Carter Brown sign out of the ground next to the library and flee on foot. The area was checked but the larcenists were not found. (C)

Saturday, March 8:

3:00 p.m. An employee stated that 91 lottery tickets were stolen from the office located in the kitchen of the Sharpe Refectory. The original tickets were attached to a stack of copies that were placed on the desk. The tickets were last seen around 1:45 p.m. and were noticed missing around 2:30 p.m. when the employee went to pass out the copies. He checked the area but the tickets were not located. (D)

7:26 p.m. Officers were dispatched for a loud music complaint at Young Orchard #10. As officers approached the room, they could hear the music. They knocked and explained the situation to the student who was very cooperative and courteous. The student turned down the music. (E)

Sunday, March 9:

12:33 a.m. A Brown student assaulted a Harvard student while attending a party in Graduate Center Tower E. DPS is investigating. (F)

1:42 a.m. While on patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle driving recklessly on the Main Green. The officer blocked the gate with the police cruiser to stop the vehicle. It was explained to the two student occupants that it was dangerous to drive on the Main Green with all of the pedestrians walking around. One stated that he thought it would be fun. The case has been turned over to Student Life. (G)

5:36 p.m. An assistant dean reported that several subjects were climbing on top of the Van Wickle Gates. Upon arrival, the dispatched officer observed one subject on top of one of the columns above the gates. He had in his hand on a movie camera. Another student was below him. The officer asked what they were doing, and they stated that they were filming a movie for a school project. (H)

Monday, March 10:

1:11 p.m. Officers were dispatched for a report of breaking and entering at Benoni Cooke House. An employee pointed out a broken overhead window on the west exterior side of the atrium. There was also an open door on the second floor. The unknown suspect(s) left footprints and handprints. Brown detectives are investigating. (I)

4:47 p.m. An officer noticed graffiti at two locations on Ladd Observatory. Facilities Management was notified. (Not shown)

6:09 p.m. An officer observed a large amount of tagging graffiti in a variety of media on Blistein House. Facilities Management was notified. (J)

8:33 p.m. While responding to a door alarm at Sears House an officer noticed that a propane tank had been placed in the door frame, keeping the door from securing as it should. Because of the fire safety issue that the tank posed to the building and the poor condition of the tank, it was seized and transported to DPS. The Fire Safety Office was notified. (Not shown)

Tuesday, March 11:

10:57 a.m. Officers were dispatched for the report of two laptops stolen from a lab in the Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences. The incident occurred sometime between 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. on March 10. The computers were locked with cable locks, and the locks were forced off the computers. The lab door was unlocked at the time of the theft. (K)

3:58 p.m. While on patrol, an officer noticed a graffiti tag in silver paint on the rear doors of Grant Recital Hall. Facilities Management was notified. (L)

4:13 p.m. An officer noticed graffiti on the west wall and loading dock door of the Brown Office Building. Facilities Management was notified. (M)

5:19 p.m. An employee stated that between 3 p.m. and 5:20 p.m. on March 11, his laptop was taken from underneath his desk in Graduate Center Tower E. The laptop is not registered with DPS, and there are no suspects at this time. (N)

Wednesday, March 12:

2:26 p.m. The reporting party stated that her wallet was missing from her desk drawer. She said she placed her wallet in her desk drawer at 8:15 a.m. and noticed it missing at 1:10 p.m. At the time of the larceny she was in and out of her office in Maxcy Hall picking up the mail for the building. The desk and the office door were both left unlocked. There are no suspects at this time. (O)

3:51 p.m. While on patrol, an officer observed graffiti on the west side of the 68 1/2 Brown Street. Facilities Management was notified. (P)

5:57 p.m. While on routine patrol, an officer observed graffiti on the wall leading to the Graduate Center Bar. Facilities Management was notified. (Q)




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