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Ochocinco is numero uno to me

There are some people in the world of sports that, well, are hated. And usually, there are good reasons to hate said people.

Michael Vick killed dogs. Terrell Owens is a crybaby. Bill Belichick is a successful man who was caught cheating. Barry Bonds has a head the size of an elevator. Mark Teixeira has the face of a 10-year-old child on the body of a 30-year-old man. Omar Minaya called out a reporter for, well, reporting a story. Marty McSorley — hockey reference! — hit a guy in the head with a stick. The list goes on and on.

As you can see, there are a lot of people I hate in the sports world. However, there is one notable exception to this rule: Chad Ochocinco.

Some cannot stand Ochocinco. They dislike his antics and feel that he contributes to the NFL's prima donna wide receiver reputation. They hate the fact that he has larger-than-life touchdown celebrations and pretends to bribe referees after questionable pass completions.

But when I look at the former Oregon State Beaver, I see something different. Maybe not a humanitarian side, but at least a sensitive, human side.

Chad Ochocinco was on "Hard Knocks" this year. The interesting HBO show essentially served as a stage for his awesome charisma and sense of humor. He was by far the best actor, the funniest character and the coolest guy on the show. He was hysterical to watch both on and off the field. Heck, he even kicked an extra point in a game! And what viewer can forget his beautiful call to Belichick after the Patriots game: "BEYALL"?

Ochocinco has already been fined multiple times this season. So what has he done? Been surly and just put it behind him? No. He's MATCHED the fines and given them to a charity. Would a thug do this, have the compassion necessary to make this sacrifice? What happened to the NFL as the ME ME ME league, a confederation full of prima donnas and misers unwilling to spend a single dime on anything that won't have an immediate effect? Does Ochocinco buck this trend?

The answer, quite clearly, is yes.

This year, the Cincinnati Bengals are 7-2. They have already beaten both of their main rivals for the AFC North Division title, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, twice apiece. Ochocinco has been key to this resurgence and has compiled 46 receptions for 668 yards and five touchdowns this season.

You won't hear any complaints this year from Mr. Ochocinco.

Ethan Hammerman '13 feels really bad for the Browns this season.


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