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Editorial: Keeping our greens clean

Providence has been the fortunate beneficiary of some beautiful weather this past month, and we have enjoyed sitting on the recently re-opened Faunce steps, playing Frisbee and eating takeout lunches and dinners on Wriston Quad and the Main Green. Unfortunately though, when students spend more time outdoors, they tend to leave trash behind. In the past few weeks, we've seen overflowing garbage cans and countless dining hall takeout containers littered across campus.

Students must take personal responsibility for their trash. While the nearest garbage bins may be too full to use at times, this does not excuse littering or leaving items behind to be picked up by Facilities Management workers. If the nearest receptacle is too full, carry your trash with you for just a bit until you find an empty bin. Brown has made great strides to become more environmentally friendly, and we must respect our institution, our environment, and the staff who work hard to maintain a clean campus.

Other strategies can help minimize the litter. In an interview with the editorial page board, Vice President for Facilities Management Stephen Maiorisi said that the Facilities staff has begun to put out additional receptacles near the Ratty and at other select locations during peak hours. We encourage Facilities Management and Dining Services to work together to identify the most popular times for outdoor eating and provide additional trash bins on a consistent schedule.

Maiorisi also noted that grounds crews usually only work on weekdays, except when the University is preparing for a special event like Commencement. Students must be especially aware of this and take extra steps to be conscientious on the weekends, when Facilities Management has fewer staff on campus.

In the long run, Facilities Management may want to re-evaluate the design of some of the trash and recycling receptacles. Maiorisi said that the current design is useful because it keeps out rain and encourages people to deposit items in the correct bin. However, the recycling receptacles have particularly small openings, making it very difficult to put in large items. And as evidenced by recent troubles with takeout containers, the bins can overflow very quickly.

The new BigBelly Solar Compactor recently placed in front of the Ratty could offer a long-term solution. We applaud Facilities Management and Brown EcoReps for collaborating and experimenting with innovative ideas. Moreover, we look forward to forthcoming determinations about the compactor's cost effectiveness and the possibility of adding additional compactors on campus.

With Spring Weekend approaching, many students are hoping that the weather allows the festivities to be held outside. The concerts tend to leave behind a large mess, and students must do their part to minimize the burden on those responsible for cleaning up afterwards.
Brown in the spring is a beautiful place. We ask that students be just a bit more considerate and vigilant in order to keep it that way. 

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