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Diane Mokoro '11 will serve as president of the Undergraduate Council of Students next year after winning 67.9 percent of the vote in last week's student government elections, the council announced Friday.

"I think there is a lot of work to do," Mokoro said, adding that she is "very excited to jump into it and get things done." Mokoro defeated Arthur Matuszewski '11, a former Post- editor-in-chief.

Adam Kiki-Charles '11 won 57.4 percent of the vote to become chair of the Undergraduate Finance Board, defeating Salsabil Ahmed '11.

"I'm very grateful for all the support I've received," Kiki-Charles said, adding that he feels "really lucky to have won" after Ahmed ran such a good campaign.

The results were announced at 3:30 p.m. Friday on the steps of Manning Hall. The announcement was originally scheduled for midnight on Thursday, but had to be pushed back after voting was extended for freshmen who were blocked by a computer glitch from accessing the ballot on the first day of voting.

A total of 1,564 students voted in this year's election, down from 2,279 votes last year. A number of students did not vote for every position, UCS President Clay Wertheimer '10 wrote in an e-mail to The Herald, so the percentage of the vote received by candidates is based on the votes cast for each particular race.

Ben Farber '12 was elected UCS vice president with 57.9 percent of the vote, defeating Reed Frye '11 and Evan Holownia '11.

Jason Lee '12, a Herald sales associate, and Tyler Rosenbaum '11, a Herald opinions columnist, will vie for the position of UFB vice chair in a runoff election to be held beginning Monday. Neither candidate garnered the 50 percent of the vote necessary to capture the board position.

"I've been told that the runoff was caused by a large number of write-ins, like Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama," Rosenbaum said, adding that the high number of endorsements he received shows the support he has from the student body.

Lee encouraged students to vote in the second round, saying, "Every vote counts."
The polls will reopen for the runoff at noon Monday and close at noon Wednesday. The winner will be announced at 9 p.m. Wednesday, according to elections board chair Kening Tan '12.

This will be the last year a runoff of this kind will occur. The referendum on this year's ballot to include instant runoff procedures in the UCS constitution passed handily with 81.7 percent of the vote.

Under the new system, beginning next year, students will "rank candidates by preference," as stated by the passed referendum. If no winner emerges, the votes for the candidate with the least number of first-choice votes will be "redistributed based on the second choice of those ballots." This process will be repeated as needed until a winner can be declared.

Needing a second election to determine vice chair "is just another example of why instant runoff makes sense," Wertheimer said. Wertheimer's own race for president last year was forced into a runoff.

Mokoro, who introduced the referendum, said that even though voters may not care about the referendum passing right now, "students will appreciate that they don't have to do a runoff" next year.

In other election news, Eden Castro '12 was elected chair of the UCS Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee, Chris Collins '11 was elected chair of the Admissions and Student Services Committee, and Ralanda Nelson '12 rounds out the newly elected UCS executive board as chair of the Student Activities Committee. No student ran for chair of the Campus Life Committee and write-ins for any one individual did not reach the 5 percent needed to capture a spot, according to Wertheimer.

Ilyas Khimani '13 will be next year's UCS treasurer, winning the spot in an unopposed race. The candidates for the six UFB at-large representative spots also ran unopposed races and all six received the 5 percent necessary to garner a spot. The at-large representatives will be David Chanin '12, Devin Finzer '13, Zachary Fischer '13, Herald Copy Editor Raaj Parekh '13, Michael Perchonok '12 and Herald Sales Director Kelly Wess '11.

"I think we have a really great team to run UCS next year," Farber said.



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