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Anthony White '13 defeated David Rattner '13 and Rob Bentlyewski '13 in the race for the presidency of the Undergraduate Council of Students after an instant run-off against Rattner, winning 51.3 percent of the vote. Under the instant runoff voting system implemented last year, candidates are ranked by voters in order of preference. If no candidate receives a majority, the votes for the person who received the lowest number of first-choice votes are reallocated based on the voter's second choice.

During the voting period, which lasted from 12 p.m. Tuesday to 12 p.m. Thursday, 1,723 undergraduates voted on MyCourses

"I see this not as a win for me but a win for moving Brown forward and making sure that the student body will finally be represented in a way that really features student interests," White said. "I felt that my platform really appealed to the student body because not only did I have the sort of experience at large, being in different student groups, but I also had the UCS experience."

White said he thought his emphasis on improving financial aid and helping student groups contributed to his win.

Bentlyewski, who is currently not a member of the council, said he would consider joining the council depending on what position appointments were available.

Brandon Tomasso '13 defeated Michael Schneider '13 for the position of UCS vice president with 51.6 percent of the vote. 

"Michael was an excellent candidate, and I don't know what happened," Tomasso said. "I'm just pumped." 

Tomasso was also elected co-president of the 2013 Class Coordinating Board. He has been president of the board for the past three years.

Current UCS President Ralanda Nelson '12 said she would make herself available as a resource to White and Tomasso in the coming year. "Since they're going to be the two people in charge next year of pushing Brown forward, using UCS as a vehicle, I wish them the best of luck," Nelson said. 

"We're going to do big things, and it's going to be great," White said.

Zak Fischer '13, who ran unopposed, was elected chair of the Undergraduate Finance Board. 

No student officially ran or was elected vice chair of UFB, and Nelson said the position would be filled in the fall. 

Alexander Kaplan '14, a Herald staff writer, was elected chair of the Student Activities Committee. Afia Kwakwa '14 was elected chair of the Campus Life Committee, and Abby Braiman '15 was elected chair of the Admissions and Student Services Committee. Manya Jean-Gitter '14 was elected chair of the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee, and Sam Gilman '15 was elected treasurer of the council. 

Tomasso and Kelsey Tripp '13 were elected co-presidents of the 2013 Class Coordinating Board. Andrew Silverman '14 was elected president of the 2014 Class Coordinating Board, and Jon Vu '15 was elected president of the 2015 Class Coordinating Board. 


- With additional reporting by Eli Okun


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