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Letter: Palestinian Authority, Say ‘Yes’ to Peace

To the Editor:

I completely disagree with the author of the Jan. 31 op-ed “Trump’s so-called peace plan for Israel and Palestine hinders progress.”  Palestinian leaders should welcome any proposal to end the conflict, especially since all other attempts in the past have failed.

One may disagree with certain aspects of President Trump’s plan, but one cannot argue with the fact that by rejecting this plan, the leaders of the Palestinian National Authority continue their historical trend of rejecting peace deals. Instead of saying yes to an opportunity to jumpstart the economy, build a future and create jobs for its people, the PNA chose to reject a peace deal before even looking at it. Israel continues to show a willingness to negotiate, but the Palestinian leaders still won’t come to the table. Even their brothers and sisters in the Arab world are supporting this plan as a basis for negotiations. But the Palestinian leaders continue to reject this opportunity, and refuse to change the sad reality for their people as well as for the Israelis and others in the region.

One needs to ask the question: If the Palestinian leaders would accept this deal as it is, even without negotiation, would their lives be better? The answer is a resounding “YES.” So what about the offer is problematic? They should come in good faith and give it a chance. I bet the Palestinians themselves would agree with me. But their leaders do not agree, and are holding their own people hostage with no hope for negotiation to end the conflict.

Edward D. Greenberg, MD '98



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