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The Bruno Brief: Season 4 trailer

Let’s talk about sex. Coming soon to your podcast feeds: It’s season four of the Bruno Brief. This season, we’re focusing on sexual politics at Brown. Stay tuned!

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Jack Wrenn


I want to say clearly we’re past the peak of recreational nudity at Brown. Right, OK, in so many ways we’re in a bit of a renaissance.

Finn Kirkpatrick

This season on the Bruno Brief…

Olivia Duba

We actually don't have anyone organizing it now. Like if you want to do it go ahead, because we don’t want this to stop being a tradition. So I was like, “Sweet, let’s do it.”

David Wilson 

You can hear all the screaming and yelling and stuff and they gave out the donuts and everyone got a big laugh out of it and then they ran out. It was like a streak, like they used to do in the ’70s.

Katy Pickens

Here at the Bruno Brief, things are getting spicy. This season, we are delving into sexual politics at Brown.

Jacob Smollen


We’re going to explore nudity at Brown, past and present. What’s with the Naked Donut Run? What was Sex Power God?

Madison Lease

Sayles is the most sexy building so I think that’s where it would take place.

Jacob Smollen

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And its lesser known counterpart, Starf*ck? 

Katy Pickens

How has abortion access and activism changed in the last 50 years? How has the #MeToo movement manifested on campus?

Finn Kirkpatrick

What was art like during the sexual revolution? We’re going to look into queer culture at Brown and we’ll end the season with a deep dive into the current state of hook-up culture on campus: How do apps like Tinder and Bumble impact how we view relationships, love and sex?

Jacob Smollen

It’s season four. This is the Bruno Brief.

This trailer was produced by Katy Pickens, Jacob Smollen and Finn Kirkpatrick.

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