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Editors’ Note: What we’re thankful for

Our fabulous, tireless and committed staff.

A redesigned office, vibe lights, Liana’s sparkling 133 sign and thrifted lamps for making our office a bit too homey. Couches that were picked up off the street and are a comforting (but also ominous) shade of beige. An aesthetically pleasing once-weekly newspaper and many newsletters. SZA, boygenius, Noah Kahan, hemlocke springs and, obviously, Taylor Swift and her semi-platonic situationship with Owl City.

Five Nights at Freddy’s lore and our friends at Flatbread Pizza. Countless Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero Sugar runs at Jo’s and Joffee, which we can pick up while standing in awe of The Herald’s imposing Josiah Carberry illustration that is now a mural. The promise of a new water machine (please) and the hope for no more critters in the office (and Katy and Sam’s “Do not use ! bat ! in the bathroom” sign). The Wi-Fi mostly working, blue beverages and the tiniest ittiest bittiest space heaters ever.

Nathaniel Scott ’24 for designing our paper in a frog costume. Birbs@Brown for their endless whimsy and for hiding an adorable birb in our office. And the not-yet deflated balloon reaffirming that New York is the city of love.


Prop after prop written on printer paper and collected in the cauldron. The corner full of lost chargers that always has a cord to save the day. Slack for being social media, and the first-ever artist in residence for being the first-ever artist in residence. And the whiteboard covered with late-night timestamps from prod — always there to remind us we’ve been through worse.

Frantic iPad texting and story drafting on live television. Horrifying edits of the Kardashian-Jenners with our faces superimposed on theirs. The rats that run Perkins, but NOT this campus. Rainn Wilson’s cutting criticism and analysis of The Herald — “BDH. Sounds like an underwear brand.” 

Brown’s athletes for keeping us on the edge of our seats. Women’s soccer for a magical four-season run, and wrestling for always having evocative descriptions of a good match. The College Hill Independent for letting us peek into what life as a student-athlete looks like and a well-fought kickball battle (we did win 16-9, but it was a competition through and through).

Cary Warner, who keeps the office functioning and our staff afloat. Joe Belfield ’24, for bringing in the money, and Andrew Willwerth ’24, for making sure the numbers add up.

Extra gratitude for section editors who break news, follow up on it relentlessly and put up with our delirium as the nights go on. Opinions editors and columnists, who always have the hottest of takes. Senior staff writers who command beats, fill our pages, wow us at every step and effortlessly prepare our newsletters. Copy editors who check our facts and stay far too late every night — our fault, not theirs. New staff, for coming into the office with unrivaled enthusiasm.

Our multimedia staff: the photographers who attend every event we cover, illustrators who dream up beautiful artwork from vague and often-crazed descriptions, podcast producers who splice together exciting and niche auditory tales. Our designers for crafting beautiful print papers and endless cutouts.

Our social media team for always engaging with the most absurd icebreakers and fire extinguishers. And our tech team for whipping up data projects and intricate website layouts in the blink of an eye.

Our whole staff for rolling with a redesigned production setup and a very confusing print slug. And for the hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears that go into the work they do for this newspaper.

Herald alums for continuing to give their all to our paper. Michael Dubin ’16 and David Grossman ’88 for their business savvy. Rebecca Ballhaus ’13 and Shefali Luthra ’14 for their wise and helpful editorial advice. And Chris Hatfield ’06 for keeping us on the right side of the law. The 131st and 132nd Editorial Boards for their continued friendship and willingness to hop on emergency Facetimes.

Our friends for staying our friends. The countless unanswered texts we’re finally going to get around to responding to — just give us two more weeks. And for the home stretch of our tenure; it’s felt like forever but also flown by.


The 134th Editorial Board and General Managers (whoever they may be) for everything they’ve already achieved and everything they will do.

And our readers, for being with us every step of the way this year. Thanks for reading.

Editors’ notes are written by The Herald’s 133rd Editorial Board: Will Kubzansky ’24, Katy Pickens ’24, Alex Nadirashvili ’24, Augustus Bayard ’24, Caleb Lazar ’24, Peter Swope ’24 and Kaitlyn Torres ’24.

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