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Letter: Accuracy of claims about Al-Shifa hospital in op-ed

To the Editor:

The Herald should redact or change the claim about Al-Shifa hospital made by the writers of the Nov. 15 op-ed “An open letter in support of Israel, from Jewish students and alumni at Brown University." There is little proof that Hamas has its central command under there. With regards to claims that Al-Shifa served as a Hamas “command center,” the BBC concluded that Israel has “either not found supporting evidence or is not sharing it.”

Moreover, as stated in a recent CNN article, “CNN cannot independently verify Israel’s claims that Hamas is operating from the hospital.”

“The White House has backed Israel’s claims, saying that Hamas was storing weapons and operating a command node from the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, citing US intelligence. Senior US officials have declined multiple times to expand on how they are able to corroborate Israel’s claims, as the US does not have a presence on the ground in Gaza,” the CNN article continues.  


It would be helpful to clarify this point in the op-ed with a disclaimer or update.

This letter was written by a Brown University student who wished to stay anonymous due to security reasons.


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