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Sexual assault potentially underreported due to stigma, report suggests

October 25, 2010 Comments are Disabled

The annual Campus Crime Report, released last month by the Department of Public Safety, indicated that there had been 10 claims of “forcible sex offenses” made in 2009.

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Off-campus leases signed earlier by rising seniors

October 15, 2010 Comments are Disabled

For many upperclassmen who wish to live off-campus, signing a lease is the happy end of the long housing road. But this whole process seems to be happening earlier this year.

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Farmer calls for more investment in Haiti

October 5, 2010 Comments are Disabled

In his lecture Monday night, renowned medical anthropologist and physician Paul Farmer stressed the importance of rebuilding infrastructure and human capital in the ongoing effort to restore Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January.

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Early start gets mixed reactions

September 16, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Like every year, the first week of classes was filled with bustle and energy as new and returning students shopped through classes and moved into dorms.

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Muslim adviser to Obama urges interfaith cooperation

September 16, 2010 Comments are Disabled

In his lecture Wednesday night, Eboo Patel urged interfaith cooperation and pluralism in America, especially in response to last summer’s tension between the Muslim and Christian faiths.

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Overcrowding causes unusual housing for some

September 8, 2010 Comments are Disabled

An overflow of students in need of on-campus housing necessitated the use of temporary spaces and auxiliary housing this semester, according to Senior Associate Dean of Residential and Dining Services Richard Bova.

At Convocation, an appeal to a common humanity

September 2, 2010 Comments are Disabled

In his keynote address to the members of the Class of 2014, Professor of Africana Studies Barrymore Bogues urged students to consider all people foremost as fellow human beings.

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Application numbers soar, admit rate drops

May 30, 2010 Comments are Disabled

As applications for Brown’s class of 2014 poured in, the Admissions Office overflowed with paper — literally. With a flood of application papers that exceeded the office’s capacity, Alumnae Hall had to be temporarily transformed into a holding area for the huge stacks of prospective talent.

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TWC director takes leave

April 27, 2010 Comments are Disabled

Dean Karen McLaurin ’74 announced Monday that she will step down from her position as director of the Third World Center on June 30. 

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Is Brown’s popularity a passing trend or here to stay?

April 19, 2010 Comments are Disabled

From Serena van der Woodsen of “Gossip Girl,” to Brian Griffin of “Family Guy,” to the nearly 30,000 students that applied for admission this fall, it seems like everyone wants to go to Brown.