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Articles by Julian Jacobs (7)

Jacobs ‘19: Philosophy, Politics and Economics is not overrated

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Jacobs ‘19: Philosophy, Politics and Economics is not overrated

February 14, 2019 3 comments

JPPE’s focus on PPE stems, not from admiration of Oxford, but instead from a genuine belief in the ideals of the interdisciplinary approach. The Journal has taken rigorous steps to separate itself from PPE’s history at Oxford and promote inclusion both on campus and off.

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Jacobs ’18: Empty language poisons political discourse

April 14, 2017 1 comment

Political discourse has a language problem.

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Jacobs ’18: A capricious “conscious” conservative

March 23, 2017 Comments are Disabled

When former Prime Minister David Cameron appeared in the Q&A room, the audience would be forgiven for exhaling a nostalgic sigh of relief.

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Jacobs ’18: The narcissism of social media politics

March 7, 2017 1 comment

We’ve all seen social media’s power to catalyze political change by providing users with a platform to organize and share ideas.

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Jacobs ’18: The case against pure economics

March 1, 2017 1 comment

Rates of return, growth patterns, mathematical variables and curves. This is the image of modern economics.

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Jacobs ’18: The conservative assault on free speech

February 6, 2017 2 comments

My conservative friends tell me that free speech is under assault by American liberals.


Jacobs ’18: Avoiding the free speech debate

September 26, 2016 1 comment

With its immediately provocative title, “Should Free Speech be Limited on College Campuses?” was marketed as a two-sided exploration of a relevant subject.