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Articles by Stephanie Bernhard (57)

Federal court upholds limits on study in Cuba

November 19, 2008 0 comments

The Brown in Cuba program won’t change following a federal appeals court’s Nov. 4 dismissal of a lawsuit against academic travel restrictions to Cuba. But many professors expressed disappointment and frustration over an issue that’s been simmering since 2004.

Professors sign statement in support of Ayers

October 22, 2008 0 comments

Over 3,000 educators nationwide, including six Brown professors, have signed a statement supporting the man Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain called a “washed-up terrorist” at the third presidential debate last Wednesday.

Congress renews student aid commitment

October 1, 2008 0 comments

College students may continue to have easier access to federal student loans through July 2010, following a Sept. 17 vote by the U.S. Senate to extend the Ensuring Continued Access to Student Loans Act, first passed in April. Originally set to expire July 2009, the renewal passed by an overwhelming majority because of concerns about the current economic fallout.

Ratty dishes inspired San Francisco’s Firefly chef

October 31, 2007 0 comments

Like many students, Brad Levy ’81 first toyed with future career ideas while in college. But unlike many students, he didn’t get his ideas from great professors or intense internships – he found his niche in a tiny kitchen on Wickenden Street.

Christen Decker ’07

September 23, 2007 0 comments

Christen Decker ’07 never would have guessed that the goat herder she met on a trip to Oman while studying abroad in Dubai last spring was a part-time law student. But thanks to her knowledge of Arabic, which she began studying as a sophomore at Brown, Decker was able to have a conversation with the young man.

Activist history a highlight of this year’s TWTP curriculum

September 4, 2007 0 comments

Over 180 incoming first-years participated this year in the Third World Transition Program, a four-day orientation designed to foster community among students of color at Brown.

College without the stress

July 16, 2007 0 comments

On a recent sunny afternoon in July, the Main Green was nearly as busy as when the trees first started blooming in April.

CJ Hunt ’07

May 8, 2007 0 comments

For much of his life, CJ Hunt ’07 planned to be a cast member of “Saturday Night Live.”

Krasinski ’02 tells students of life in “The Office”

May 8, 2007 0 comments

WEB UPDATE: On Saturday afternoon, John Krasinski ’02 of NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy “The Office” faced a crowd that filled List 120 and spilled into the aisles, the List lobby and even the outdoor terrace.

Rhody Fresh milk available at Whole Foods

March 22, 2007 0 comments

Fans of Rhody Fresh milk can now get their dairy fix at both Whole Foods locations in Providence. The chain, which sells only organic and natural foods, has in the past refused to stock Rhody Fresh milk.