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Science & Research

Student-produced short presented at film festival

“Toymaker,” a seven-minute animated short developed by Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Barbara Meier ’83 MS’87 and her students was accepted to the Athens Animfest 2018 film festival Feb. 16. The short follows the occasionally tense but ultimately loving relationship between a toymaker and ...


Panelists discuss working with sound

“I had a bad experience (that is) haunting me,” said Torey Malatia in his opening remarks Monday, Oct. 23 at the “Sound Ideas: Close Listening, Podcasting, and The New Radio” event, which was co-sponsored by the Brown Arts Initiative and Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. Malatia ...


Student curates U.’s first zine collection

On Feb. 1, Malana Krongelb ’18 unveiled a zine collection that she had spent over a year curating to members of the Brown community. The collection, which will be stored in the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, features hundreds of zines covering topics ranging from gender identity exploration to do-it-yourself ...


‘Blackout’ marks solidarity with Mizzou students of color

Several hundred students, faculty members and administrators dressed in black gathered on the Quiet Green between University Hall and the Van Wickle Gates Thursday afternoon to show solidarity with the black victims of hate speech and threats of racialized violence at the University of Missouri. Following ...

Science & Research

Scientists question superfoods’ superiority

Superfoods, such as blueberries, kale and chia seeds, have become a nutritional craze over the past few years — one that has even touched ground on campus. Some nutrition pundits have praised their alleged health benefits, but the truth behind these claims has sometimes been seen as scientifically ...


‘Violet’ finds meaning in the skin-deep

“Violet,” directed by Skylar Fox ’15 and running in the Production Workshop Downspace this Friday through Monday, deals with problems of appearance, and avoiding the cliche, it does not discredit the power of the superficial. The musical follows the titular character’s quest to heal a disfiguring ...


‘Medea’ brings ancient feud to Brown

From the lofty parapet of Mount Olympus to the tortured currents of the River Styx, the gods have no fury like a woman scorned. None, at least, like the woman in “Medea,” directed by Celeste Cahn ’15 and opening tonight in the PW Downspace. The play was translated and freely adapted by Robinson ...


‘Youth’ in revolt dig into race, sex and rock-and-roll

“Passing Strange” is aptly named. It’s bizarre and brazen, self-mocking and self-vindicating, loud and caustic. And if you don’t go to see it, you’re just part of the establishment, man. The punk rock musical, directed by Kym Moore, assistant professor of theater arts and performance studies, ...


In PW Downspace, a ‘Godot’ worth waiting for

The occupants of Samuel Beckett’s  theater of the absurd — dithering and defunct ­— vacillate in and out of uncertainty. They search in vain  for validation and reprieve.  A new production of his juggernaut “Waiting for Godot,” directed by Patrick Madden ’15, opens tonight in the Production ...


Corsets lace together in social commentary

When Esther Mills, a 35-year-old black woman living in New York City at the turn of the 20th century, admits to a client from Fifth Avenue, “I’ve only been to the theater once,” the audience members are made all too aware of their own privileged position. Viewers’ suit buttons and diamond necklaces ...


Fall Dance Concert showcases range of student choreography

Video by Kavia Khosla and Maggie Livingstone. At this weekend’s annual student-choreographed Fall Dance Concert, attendees can expect lots of diversity and energy in all the pieces. The show covers a vast range of styles, including tap, ballet, aerial, modern and traditional Indian dance. Performances ...


Nudity in the Upspace: Reflections

After this year's Nudity in the Upspace events caused a stir in both the Brown community and national media, we sat down to talk with event coordinators Gabi Sclafani and Camila Pacheco-Flores about the origins and intent of the program.


Ray Kelly lecture canceled amidst student, community protest

A lecture by New York City Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly scheduled for Tuesday afternoon was canceled after protesters halted Kelly’s speech and would not yield the floor. Controversy preceded the talk —  titled, “Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City” — due to its ...

Photo Gallery

RISD exhibit showcases American history through art

In a contemporary gallery known for its clean cut lines and vast blank walls, one may be surprised to find an intricate set of traditional silver and an ethereal portrait of a woman in a pink ballgown. But together, this arrangement of historical artwork in a modern venue tells the story of a nation. “Making ...


Rhode Island legalizes same-sex marriage

On the steps of the Rhode Island State House, Gov. Lincoln Chafee '75 P '14 signed historic legislation making Rhode Island the 10th state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage Thursday. The signing ceremony immediately followed a vote in the House of Representatives supporting the legislation, ...


Spring Weekend delivers engaging lineup

Alas, the weekend of revelry comes to a close. The Main Green lies worn and muddied from the foot stomping of thousands of Brunonians. The stage is dismantled and the Ratty un-Fratty’d. As students wander wearily back to the libraries, the time has come to reflect on a Spring Weekend lineup that ...

University News

Admitted students descend on College Hill

A Day on College Hill had record-high attendance among students admitted through the regular decision process, with 823 of 2,649 students accepted to the class of 2017 flocking to campus from Sunday to Tuesday. This year also marked the first time the Third World Welcome was incorporated into the ADOCH ...

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