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Puppetry, painting, performance collide in ‘Erratics’

Thomas Cole’s “The Course of Empire” is a series of five paintings from the 1830s that depicts the rise, peak and eventual destruction of civilization. There is an anxiety underneath the art — a fear of the negative consequences of empire’s excess coupled with a nostalgic longing for a pastoral ...

The Setonian

Letter: Why does review require suspension?

To the Editor: In a letter to the editor published by The Herald yesterday, Provost Richard Locke P ’18 states that “the University decided to suspend acceptances of new applicants to the elementary education track for the current cycle. This pause will enable us to fully evaluate our current program ...


Car Seat Headrest reinvigorates 2011 album

On Feb. 16, the indie-rock band Car Seat Headrest released a re-recording of their sixth LP, “Twin Fantasy.” The band originally unleashed the introspective concept album on the world in 2011, when the outfitwas still just the solo-recording project of suburban sad boy Will Toledo. It’s hard to ...


“I, Tonya” skates over quality despite buzz

Plenty of ink had been spilled about “I, Tonya” before it arrived at Thayer Street’s Avon Cinema, where it is currently enjoying a run. Unsurprisingly, my critic’s log line ­­— that “I, Tonya” is a messy biopic buoyed by stellar performances from its leads — reads like a template into ...


PW’s ‘Melancholy Play’ reframes reflective sadness

“Melancholy Play: A Contemporary Farce,” Production Workshop’s new play, is anything but what its name implies. With humorous one-liners, unique twists and a surprising number of references to almonds, the play is hilariously loud and fun. Directed by Shade Au ’19, “Melancholy Play” was ...


‘Columbus’ finds beauty in simplicity, duality

Kogonada’s directorial debut in the 2017 film “Columbus” serves as the pioneer of a new genre of beautifully-made, self-aware and quiet films in that it slows down the plot and switches out traditional narrative tropes in favor of meticulous character development and thoughtful dialogues about ...


‘Stronger’ explores complex realities of heroism, recovery

The word “hero” gets tossed around a lot these days. It often carries with it a certain prefix — super — to the detriment of heroism everywhere. But what does it mean, “hero?” Is it an ugly American obsession, or an inescapably human desire to see goodness made real? In “Stronger,” David ...

The Setonian

'The Trip to Spain' follows trite format, falls flat

“The Trip to Spain” runs exactly like one would expect from the third installment of a comedic culinary travelogue — a cheeky but tired retread that cheapens the artistic and gastronomic richness of the series’ first two chapters. Following the format established by their 2010 film “The Trip” ...


Unearthed Fitzgerald story offers new insights

“It fulfills all the requirements of fiction: it is one long sweet lie,” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in “The I.O.U.,” a previously unpublished short story that came out posthumously Monday in the New Yorker. The quote comes from a conversation between two of the short story’s central characters ...


‘Sweet/Vicious’ grapples with campus sexual assault

“People are just getting away with awful things. I’m trying to make some of that right,” says protagonist Jules Thomas on MTV’s ongoing series “Sweet/Vicious.” “Sweet/Vicious,” which premiered last November, tells the story of two typical college students — Jules , portrayed by Eliza ...


Providence coffee shops offer unique atmospheres

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Coffee is the favorite drink of the civilized world.” These words still ring true — there is perhaps no drink as ubiquitous in the life of the college student as coffee. It can be a morning ritual, a classroom accessory, a social stimulant or a late night savior. Luckily, ...


Race, gender define Oscars’ best picture race

The Golden Globes, affectionately known as the little (and drunker) brother to the Academy Awards, aired with much fanfare Jan. 8. Yet despite all the conversation and attention that the awards ceremony generates, the Golden Globes themselves provide relatively little insight into who will collect Oscar ...

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