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Benjamin Bosis


Bosis '19: Did you know Christianity is in Retrograde?

“Did you know Mercury is in Retrograde?” Until very recently, I thought I pretty much knew all there is to know about Horoscopes. I was so, so wrong. (Full disclosure: I’m a Gemini. Do with that information what you will.) I would say I know an average amount about the Zodiac, Horoscopes, etc. ...


Bosis '19: Friendships, four years later

The door to my dorm room in Champlin creaked open, my eyes following suit as I squinted into the offensive beam of light from the hallway. “Yo.” Will’s voice shattered any chance of staying asleep, so I pushed myself up onto my elbows. “What the he-” “Let’s go to the gym,” he said. I ...


Bosis '19: Missionary impossible

If you’ve been a Brown student for any period of time, you’ve probably heard about sin awareness day. For most of us, this inevitable part of the semester boils down to a few days each year when everyone’s Snapchat stories are full of videos of a couple guys yelling indistinguishably atop a box ...


Bosis '19: Abolish the presidency

My favorite quote about American elections is from political scientist Alexis De Tocqueville, who in 1835 described our process of electing a president as “a time of national crisis. As the election draws near, intrigues intensify and agitation increases and spreads. The citizens divide into several ...


Bosis '19: Making time to live in the present

Over my first three years at Brown, semester after semester, the times I’ve felt the best were always when I was the busiest. I packed my schedule with activity after activity, and my days would take on a rhythm to which I’m sure many of you can relate: wake up at 8 a.m. and shower, maybe get breakfast ...


Bosis '19: The agency problem in student employment

There has been some serious blowback, to say the least, around Brown Dining Services stemming from the extreme overworking of students in supervising and management positions. The problems are myriad: fewer new hires means more work for the rest, existing employees often put off leaving out of fear ...

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