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Letter: Syrian refugees in Rhode Island

Friday, February 26, 2016

To the Editor:

Your report on the press conference on Syrian refugees sided with the protesters who came to the State House to shout us down. Yet polls show that our view represents the majority opinion of Americans, and probably of Rhode Islanders, regarding the potential danger posed by importing refugees from a country where Baathist and Islamist ideology have poisoned innocent minds and instilled anti-Semitism, homophobia, misogyny, hatred for democracy and support for terror into many generations of Syrians.

FBI Director James Comey says there is no real way of vetting these refugees for ties to terror. Officials express concerns about ISIS’s ability to infiltrate the country via Syrian refugees.

Additionally, a State Department study documents Jew-hatred rampant in mosques and statements by government spokesmen. To see these things is to be shocked and sickened.

We are proud to be a nation of immigrants. We sympathize with people running from war. We should do whatever we can to protect them in their own country from the barbarism of both the Iran-Assad axis and ISIS. But we should also learn the lessons of Europe, in which instances of violence and sexual assault have taken place since the relocation of refugees to Cologne, Paris, and Stockholm.

 Charles Jacobs

Americans for Peace and Tolerance


  1. I think all the bleeding heart, knee-jerk liberals should help male Muslim immigrants move into their parent’s homes. They could also fight to have these immigrants move into their neighbor’s homes and their relative’s homes as well.

    That way these bleeding heart, knee-jerk liberals won’t be telling US what to do, but for a change they would actually be doing it themselves. Wouldn’t that be something else.

  2. Charles,

    How dare you introduce facts into this out-of-touch-with-reality debate.

    After all, this is Brown Univ where being PC trumps being real.

  3. So the Left want to bring them over to have more Boston style bombings?

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