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Higher scores for accepted students

Senior Staff Writer
Monday, April 13, 2009

The pool of admitted applicants for the class of 2013 boasts higher grade point averages and SAT scores than previous classes, according to Dean of Admissions James Miller ’73.

Of the 2,708 admitted students, 96 percent graduated in the top tenth of their high school class, Miller wrote in an e-mail to The Herald. Only 93 percent of the students entering in fall 2008 were in the top tenth of their class, and 92 percent were for the class entering in 2007.

Median SAT scores also rose this year. The 25-75 percentile range for those admitted into the class of 2013 was 670-770 for the critical reading section, 680-780 for math and 680-770 for writing, according to Miller. For the students matriculating last fall, these figures were 650-760, 670-780 and 660-770, respectively.

Similar figures for the other members of the Ivy League were unavailable, though the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Virginia reported a slight increases in their average SAT scores this year.

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