Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why does the PTP feel the need to pay students?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

To the editor:

Regarding the March 2nd op-ed, “In defense of the Political Theory Project,” by Daniel Shemano ’19: Does The Herald or Shemano have any obligation to disclose that Shemano is paid $500 per semester to participate in PTP programming? The program — the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society — is perhaps unique among undergraduate academic programs at Brown in paying money to students to attend talks and lectures. Is this a testament to the overarching power of the timeless ideas at the core of the PTP? Or is this evidence of a failure to compete in the marketplace of ideas?

Seth Rockman

Associate professor of history

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  1. Chris Robotham says:

    Someone’s salty about not having a tenure-track job…

    • Chris Robotham says:

      Because it’s just so profoundly plausible that they pay him $500 to sit in the back of a room absent-mindedly and twiddle his thumbs while some corporate #sellout gives a talk!

      There’s no way he’s, maybe, employed to do something there?

      This letter has the intellectual rigor of a Mike Cernovich tweet, with none of the entertainment value. Does The Herald have an obligation to disclose why it sees fit to print random, out-of-context, unsubstantiated accusations of dishonesty about people who write for it?

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