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Editors' Note

Editors’ note: This summer, The Herald will publish online daily

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

In considering the University’s three-semester calendar, our duty to serve as a current and accurate source of news for the Brown community and our desire to continue The Herald’s history of publishing every day that classes at Brown are in session, The Herald will publish content on our website daily throughout the upcoming summer term.

To continue publishing daily over the summer is an unprecedented editorial decision in Herald history. Over the summer and during breaks, The Herald typically halts production and publishes only breaking news on our website. But for the first time in its history, Brown will hold a summer term, primarily for underclassmen. These circumstances call for a shift in how we operate. While we will not print this summer, due to the logistical constraints of a staff spread across the globe, we will continue to use our website as our primary news platform and embrace a digital-first model as we have over the course of these past few COVID-afflicted semesters.

The pandemic has wrought new normals in all facets of life, including at The Herald, and our guiding principle throughout these times has been to adapt in ways that allow us to safely fulfill our mission “to inform, entertain and reflect the Brown community.” We couldn’t do this without the dedication of our staff members, who have graciously given their time and energy again and again, when reserves of both are already so constrained, to make our paper and community what it is. 

We are so grateful for this opportunity to continue our tradition as the Brown community’s daily newspaper of record this summer, and we aim to continue providing a window into what Brown and campus look like during these strange times. We thank you, our readers, for sticking with us, and we hope that you continue to follow us throughout this summer and beyond.

Editors’ Notes are written by The Herald’s 131st editorial board: Kayla Guo ’22.5, Henry Dawson ’22.5, Li Goldstein ’22, Emilija Sagaityte ’22, Kate Ok ’22, Emily Teng ’22 and Kamran King ’22

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