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Editorial: What we’re thankful for

Blue State, Metro “Mini” Mart, Alice, “1989,” East Side falafel, BBC falafel burgers, Falafel the fish, warm and fuzzies, Wings Over Providence, La Creperie (x5), Chewy Chips Ahoy, capitalists and copy editors.

Fresca, late-night chats with Kim, software installation, Advil, twins, our web team, applying to “Survivor,” getting rejected from “Survivor,” “Gilmore Girls” and our new writers whom we forced to watch “Gilmore Girls.”

Horses, ponies, skunks, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” Charles Evan Hughes 1881, Angelia Wang ’16, former Deputy Managing Editor Emmy Liss ’11, Marisa Quinn, chaider, soy chai lattes, corduroy suits, cover letters, our parents and Maddie’s parents.

The 125th Editorial Board, oatmeal, pink lemonade vodka, Greg Jordan-Detamore ’14, GroupMe, Deak Nabers, the Tuesday night Dream Team, not returning kegs, feeling ill, feeling uncomfy and Dror Brenner.

CVS, never ever making last call at the Grad Center Bar, bathroom cry breaks at investment banks, Buck and Shawn.

New users, Mailchimp, Asana, Post-, Blog, the design Twitter, Mathias’ forthcoming new computer, non-smartphones, pizza boxes and strong evidence of parties, Diamonds and Coal (RIP), paying for Nice Slice and not paying for Nice Slice.

Jack Kerouac, late-August Skype marathons, Franzia, learning to shotgun, kickball catches, early reads, efficiency, militancy, cost-benefit analyses, windows that open, the new dumpsters and Sona’s car.

Kix, learning what Kix are, 195 Angell, senior staff writers, section editors, design, photo, graphics, the editorial page board, Michael Vorenberg, the 121st Editorial Board, the 122nd Editorial Board, the 123rd Editorial Board and former Senior Editor Dan Alexander’s ’12 eyelashes.

Herald Happy Hour, Stephen Foley, DPS, Brown University Shuttle, the alumni board, former Executive Editor Sudeep Reddy ’01, the new flag, the Today page, checks, Chex, Chex Mix, check-ins and paying taxes.

Ben and Jerry’s, the witching hour, early morning run-ins at Loui’s, the Soundboardt, granola bars, turkey jerky, style tips, personal style tips, French culture, the United Students Council, healthful snacks, icebreakers, props, ladies’ night and you, our readers.

The Herald’s 124th Editorial Board has a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for reading.


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