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Quote of the week: "The more I learn about him, the sadder I am that he is no longer with us." - President Christina Paxson P'19 at a reception Monday honoring Hyoun Ju Sohn GS, who died last week.

Despite rainy days and chilly temperatures, a bright-eyed and energetic puppy named Charlie delighted passersby on campus Monday.


The Task Force on Sexual Assault released its highly anticipated, 63-page final reportTuesday, building on the recommendations from December’s interim report. A major component of the report is the implementation of a single overarching policy on sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual violence, relationship and interpersonal violence and stalking that would apply to all community members. The task force also suggested shifting gender-based and sexual violence or harassment cases to a Title IX committee, which would recommend penalties for individuals found responsible. The report laid out a proposal for a new Title IX Office, led by Amanda Walsh, the University’s first-ever Title IX program officer, as well as a separate committee to monitor the Title IX Office’s work.


Pregaming — which, for those who haven’t yet attended Spring Weekend, is the “consumption of alcohol prior to attending an event or activity … at which more alcohol may be consumed” — was studied recently by a team of researchers from Brown, Lehigh University and Loyola Marymount University. The team surveyed 900 California college students in an effort to find possible correlations between “prepartying,” general drinking motives and negative alcohol-related consequences. Drinking to cope and conform socially were found to create the highest risk of negative consequences. Possible barriers to consuming alcohol later in the night and unnkown handling of drinks also correlated with greater consequences. For those reading Brown Bites in between shots of tequila, consider this your warning.

 Results of the Undergraduate Council of Students election were announced at midnight Friday. Sazzy Gourley '16 won the presidency, and Alana Bhatla '16 won the vice presidency.


After five days of picket signs and displaced classes, a strike led by 44 technicians at RISD ended Monday. RISD technicians operate the technical equipment and shop spaces necessary for many RISD courses, so their absence forced some professors to cancel class due to safety concerns. Breakdowns in contract negotiations spurred the strike after disagreements between RISD and the Technicians Union over issues relating to health care premiums, wage increases and retirement contributions came to a head. After union membership rejected the university’s contract proposal twice, RISD declared an impasse. On Sunday, before the strike ended, Tucker Houlihan, president of the RISD Technical Association, said the “union filed an unfair labor practice with the National Labor Board in Boston three weeks ago. We want (the administration) back at the table to negotiate. Not to talk, to negotiate.”



While many Brown students pick their concentrations by randomly pointing at an icon on Focal Point, some students with interdisciplinary interests choose to create their own. The process of forming an independent concentration can be daunting, requiring students to find a faculty advisor, create a suitable course list and get approval from the College Curriculum Council. But creating one’s own concentration is, according to philosophy, politics and law concentrator Frankie Troncoso ’16, the “epitome of being an architect of your own curriculum.” Creating an independent concentration is an extension of the open curriculum, said Dean of the College Maud Mandel. Using a phrase that could be only uttered at Brown, she said, “Life is an open curriculum.” That it is, Maud. That it is.



Dessert lovers, rejoice. Providence ranked second on Travel and Leisure Magazine’s list of America’s Best Cities for Sweet Tooths April 1. Providence eateries such as Dave’s Coffee and Seven Stars Bakery helped boost the city to the top of the list, beating out both New York and Boston. Despite Providence’s high ranking, one of Seven Stars’ owners Lynn Williams noted, “I wouldn’t say Providence folk seem particularly obsessed with sugar.” Judging from the length of the line on Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day, we have to disagree.


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