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EJ Perry ’21.5 talks NFL Combine performance

Former Brown quarterback earns top athleticism score among QBs at Combine

<p>Former Brown quarterback EJ Perry ’21.5 is looking to become the first quarterback in the University’s history to hear his name called in the NFL Draft and throw a pass in the NFL.</p><p>Courtesy of Elizabeth Bakst</p>

Former Brown quarterback EJ Perry ’21.5 is looking to become the first quarterback in the University’s history to hear his name called in the NFL Draft and throw a pass in the NFL.

Courtesy of Elizabeth Bakst

Former Brown quarterback EJ Perry ’21.5 participated in the 2022 NFL Combine this past week to attempt to raise his stock before the 2022 NFL Draft in April, The Herald previously reported. Perry put in a strong performance at the Combine, earning the top QB athleticism score, according to NFL NextGen Stats, and posting the best 20-yard shuttle and three-cone drill of all QB prospects. 

Perry started as quarterback for Brown during the Bears’ 2019 and 2021 seasons — the last two full seasons the team played — earning first team All-Ivy honors both years and setting the Ivy League single-season record for total offense. Now, he is hoping to become the first quarterback in Brown history to hear his name called in the NFL Draft or throw a pass in the NFL. The Herald spoke with Perry to discuss his standout performance at the Combine and his continued preparation for the Draft.

Herald: Overall, how do you think you performed at the Combine, particularly on the physical drills?

Perry: Good, I felt good. I was right around where I was expecting to be for all the different drills and felt good about the week.


What are your thoughts on receiving the best athleticism score among all QBs at the Combine from NextGen Stats?

It was cool to see the statistic(s) and I think the Combine is a good event to show off your agility and your ability to move and do different things. It’s also a great event to interview and be around coaches and get feedback on your film and the things you need to work on. So the whole week was good.

One thing you garnered attention for outside of those drills was that you were caught on video picking up trash around the Combine after Friday’s events. Tell me why you decided to do that.

I was just picking up my trash in front of me, and there’s two benches where all the guys sit … as I was walking out, just the trash around me, I just grabbed (it) and put it in the trash. It wasn’t a significant amount of trash or anything; I think it was kind of blown out of proportion. But, as I was walking out, (I was) just trying to not walk over the trash and leave it for someone else to … pick it up. I think it’s gone kind of crazy … I’m not some great guy because I picked up a few water bottles — it took about two minutes to do. 

How do you think the interview aspect of the Combine went for you?

I felt good about it. I think it was a good opportunity to get to talk (to and have) face time with coaches and show your knowledge of your college and your ability to focus. So, it was a good time, and interviewing with these coaches and getting to know (them) … it was a good opportunity.

What was it like being around so many other top prospects who are hoping to hear their names called at the NFL Draft in April? 

They’re all really nice people, really good people, and they love football just like I do, want to get better and want to play the game at the highest level. So it was cool, we all had good relationships. It was fun getting to know a bunch of those guys and then going out and being on the field with them. So it was a good opportunity to meet some great guys and then go compete.

What will you do in the next couple of months until the NFL Draft to continue to raise your draft stock and get ready for the league?

(I’ll be) continuing my training physically, working out and then continuing my throwing regimen. I have Pro Day coming up on (March) 22, which will be another good opportunity through this process to build, to get better. And then, (I will) go compete on Pro Day in front of scouts and put in some more good work. And then after that, getting ready and turning focus on being extremely fit and ready to go for training camp/minicamp.


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