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Phi Beta Kappa elects 185 seniors, 62 juniors

Honor society membership fee waived for elected students this year

The top 12% of a graduating class is elected to Phi Beta Kappa. 3% of these students are elected during their junior year, while the remaining 9% are elected as graduating seniors.
The top 12% of a graduating class is elected to Phi Beta Kappa. 3% of these students are elected during their junior year, while the remaining 9% are elected as graduating seniors.

185 seniors and 62 juniors were elected to the University’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa this spring, according to Stephen Merriam Foley, associate professor of English and comparative literature and the secretary of the University’s chapter. 

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Phi Beta Kappa, according to Foley, is the nation’s “oldest and most prestigious academic honors organization.”

Founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary, “Phi Beta Kappa seeks to encourage intellectual distinction among undergraduates by recognizing academic excellence in the course of a broad liberal education,” reads a press release announcing the elected students.


According to Foley, only 10% of higher education institutions in the U.S. have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Established in 1830, Brown’s chapter is the sixth oldest in the country.

Students are selected through a “highly selective, merit-based invitation process” that aims to honor “the best and brightest liberal arts and sciences undergraduates,” according to the honor society’s website

At Brown, the top 12% of students in any graduating year will be elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Foley wrote in the press release. 3% of these students are elected during their junior year, while the remaining 9% are elected as graduating seniors. 

Until 2022, only the top 10% of students in each class were elected to Phi Beta Kappa, The Herald previously reported. The chapter expanded the society in hopes of making elections more inclusive and “reflective of the student body at Brown,” Richard Rambuss, professor of English and chapter president, told The Herald at the time. 

Students were notified of their election to the society in an email sent on March 31. Some students, like Owen Lockwood ’25, had not heard of the society until receiving the email. “I did not know what (Phi Beta Kappa) was but after looking it up and consulting with my parents I was moderately happy about it,” Lockwood wrote in an email to The Herald. 

“I feel that there aren’t many opportunities to be recognized for your academic record at Brown, so I was happy to receive some type of academic honors,” Larisa Esposito ’24, who was inducted to Phi Beta Kappa last month, wrote in an email to The Herald. 

In addition to Phi Beta Kappa, “I appreciate that Brown offers other types of recognition for students who have excelled in other ways, like doing research or getting involved in the broader community,” Esposito added. “Making distinctions among students based on academic performance alone is becoming an outdated measure.”

In order to qualify for Phi Beta Kappa, at least 40% of a candidate’s course work must take place in the arts, humanities, social sciences, cognitive linguistic & psychological sciences or public health, The Herald previously reported. 

Esposito appreciated this approach, as “receiving a well-rounded education with the opportunity to explore multiple departments is what attracted” her to Brown, she wrote.

In previous years, students who were elected to Phi Beta Kappa were required to pay a one-time $85 membership fee to officially join the society. But this year, this membership fee was waived to all students by “a partnership between the Rhode Island Alpha of Phi Beta Kappa and the College,” according to an email sent out to elected students. 


“Given that the membership fee was waived for students who were elected this year, I didn't see a reason not to join,” Esposito added.

“I think Phi Beta Kappa is useful as a sign of academic achievement on a resume, and I am hoping that it connects me with a community of other college students and alumni in the future,” Esposito wrote. 

Those elected with the senior class are as follows:

Madeleine Adriance

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Yukti Agarwal

William Albright

Nicholas Alioto-Pier

Njari Anderson

Zeeshan Andoh

Kashif Ansari

Eliza Atwood

Anika Bahl (former Herald columnist)

Saadhya Bahudodda

Noah Ball-Burack

Janelle Barnett

Cecilia Barron

Ahad Bashir

Augustus Bayard (former Herald senior editor)

Joseph Belfield (former Herald sales general manager)

Olivia Bemis-Driscoll

Jacquelyn Benjes

Emma Berman

Cassandra Berns

Sophia Block

Elsa Block

Finn Blomquist Eggerling

Eliana Blumberg

Fiametta Boffey

Adam Brandt

Noble Brigham (former Herald staff writer)

Emory Brinson

Anna Brodsky

Paloma Burgos

Alexander Burt

Sophie Butcher

Marielle Buxbaum

Madeline Canfield

Matthew Chan

Naya Chang

Jadis Chen

Chloe Chen

Jennifer Cheng

Alaina Cherry

Po Wei Chiu

Seoeun Choi

Jun Young Chung

Cosmo Coen

Liam Cohen

Olivia Cohen

Annika Coleman

Stanley Conklin

Jenna Cooley

Samara Cummings

Logan Danker

Gabrielle Day

Jordan De Padova

Nuruliman Dhar

Imran Dharamsi

Evan Donnachie

Ethan Drake

Luca Duclos-Orsello

Claudia Dyer

Larisa Esposito

Nina Faynshtayn

Madeleine Florida

Hayley Gasbarro

Michael Geisinger

Yuhao Geng

Max Goldstein

Matthew Granquist

Zoey Grant

Alisha Guerrero

William Guo

Claire Hightower

Jaehyun Hong

Amelia Jarell

Renny Jiang

Qile Jiang

Moksha Kachhia

Joseph Kahn

Arushi Kalpande

Lucia Kan-Sperling

Chaerim Kang

Esha Kataria

Anushka Kataruka

Catherine Kawaja

Amber Keown-Lang

Emma Keuler

Revyn Kim

Elisa Kim

Ekaterina Komarova

Nicole Konecke

Mia Lane

Mary Lau

Caleb Lazar (former Herald senior editor)

Jillian Lederman

Alexandra Lehman

Canqi Li (former Herald senior staff writer)

Annie Liang

Andrew Lu

Alison Lu

Lia Lubit

Lorenzo Mahoney

Taylor Marchant

Emily Mayo

Alexander Mayo

Justin McAllister

Ashley McCoy

Brynn McGlinchey

Isaac McKenna

Aakash Mehta

Juliana Merullo

Amelia Michael

Ethan Minkoff

Nasim Mohammadzadeh

Andrew Morehead

Sarosh Nadeem

Menaka Naidu

Hyunjee Nam

Olivia Nash

Margaret Nesi

Zimu Niu

Megan O'Connor (former Herald copy editor)

Roshan Parikh

Chelyn Park

Elijah Parsons

Gabriela Paz-Soldan

Paige Pedrero

Ben Piekarz

Daniel Poloner

Colby Porter

Alexander Pralea

Eli Pullaro

Margherita Rampichini

Rebekah Rest (current Herald staff writer)

Zachary Rogers

Matthew Rose

Ariela Rosenzweig

Joseph Rotella

Annabel Roth

Anne-Emilie Rouffiac

Haley Rowe

Imaad Said

Georgia Salke

Kate Salke

Nicole Samios

Anna Sander

Anna Luiza Sant'Anna Arantes

Nicholas Sanzi

Ya'el Sarig (current Herald senior staff writer)

Yuna Sato

Cecile Schreidah

Charlize Sentosa

Giordana Serretta Fiorentino

Angela Sha

Kolya Shields

Rita Slaoui

Ainsley Smith

Claudia Spelman

Anjali Srinivasan

Ariel Stein

Isabel Stronski

Riley Suh

William Sun

Julia Terra-Salomao

Claire Thompson

Benjamin Thornton

Lily Tran

Elliott Trendell

Keanna Vaitohi

Sashank Varanasi

Julia Villani

David Vojtaskovic

Katherine Waisel

Fengyuan Wang

Chongmo Wang

Anne Wang

Emily Wang

Xiru Wei

Viviana Wei

Anik Willig

Chuyi Zhang

Jonathan Zhang

Caroline Zhang

Yihan Zheng

Lily Zhou

Xucong Zhu

Estelle Zhu

Those elected with the junior class are as follows:

Artem Agvanian

Michelle Alas Molina

Louisa Cavicchi

Nishitha Chaayanath

Nevin Chin

Elvin Choi

Jonathan Citron

Charles Clynes (current Herald managing editor)

Kenneth Daici

Vaibhav Duggirala

Calvin Eng (current Herald developer)

Jeremy Fleming

Keelin Gaughan

Eric Gottlieb

Isabel Greider

Oliver Grynberg

Mia Hamilton

Aidan Harbison

Jacob Hirschhorn

Amelia Holl

Katherine Jain (current Herald University News editor)

Maggie Jiang

Rachel Kamphaus

Kiana Kelii

Alexander Lee

Paul Lestz

Andrew Li

Emma Lo

Owen Lockwood

Jia Ning Ma

Isabella Mandell

Cole McCartney

Quetz Medina

Neil Mehta (current Herald editor-in-chief)

Mira Mehta

Benjamin Moshes (current Herald finance general manager)

Daniel Newgarden

Jared Ong

Cerulean Ozarow (current Herald copy editor)

Melissa Ponce

Tanya Qu

Sumaiya Ramsaroop

Myles Ringel

Laura Romig

Anna Roth

Kyoko Saito

Haley Sandlow (former Herald University News and Science and Research editor)

Dylan Sciscoe

Fengyu Seah

Minh Khai Spencer

William Suh

Kaila Sung

Logan Tullai

Charles Usadi

Ekaterina Vanurina

Madeline Wachsmuth

Samuel Walhout

Xiaokang Xue

Alexander Zeng

Mason Zhang

Yongkuan Zhang

Daniel Zheng

Clarification: This article's language has been updated to include students whose class years may fall on midyear graduation dates.

Julianna Chang

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