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Articles by Gabriella Doob (18)

SDS revived: 1960s group wraps up active year

April 25, 2007 Comments are Disabled

From distributing a “Disorientation Guide” to staging a die-in in front of the Textron headquarters this spring, the left-wing activist group Students for a Democratic Society has been a forceful presence on campus this year. Dormant since its collapse in 1969, chapters of the group – including Brown’s – have been re-emerging since January 2006.

In 1965, Brown physician sparked furor over the Pill

February 5, 2007 Comments are Disabled

When Toby Simon was in college in the 1960s, it was nearly impossible for an unmarried woman like her to get birth control pills.

PW show to unleash 30,000 fruit flies on stage

December 6, 2006 Comments are Disabled

The audience at Production Workshop’s “The Flies,” which is slated to run from Dec. 8 through Dec. 11, will feature an element perhaps more appropriate for the hit NBC show “Fear Factor.”

Prep program supplements science education for local high school students

November 17, 2006 Comments are Disabled

“Is what you see real?”

Outside help funds more issues of the Brown Spectator

October 31, 2006 Comments are Disabled

Those who attended the Parents Weekend keynote lecture given by Robert F. Kennedy on Oct. 20 likely saw Brown Spectator staff members handing out copies of the journal’s most recent issue.

Renowned black culture scholar brings new perspective to race discussion

October 24, 2006 Comments are Disabled

In the middle of lecturing earlier this month for AF 57: “Black Feminist Thought and Practice in the U.S.,” Professor Tricia Rose Ph.D. ’93 pauses for a moment to take stock of the class. “Are we going too fast? Are we going too slow? Are we falling asleep?”

Fit for fun

April 18, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Kids from the YMCA, Fox Point neighborhood and the Boys and Girls Club joined Brown volunteers for a Fit ‘n Fun field day on Friday afternoon.

Columbia report addresses anti-Semitism charges

April 7, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Following months of controversy and a nine-week investigation, an ad hoc faculty committee at Columbia University released a report Friday on student charges of intimidation in Middle Eastern studies classes. The grievance report found no proof of anti-Semitism but cited one instance of inappropriate behavior by a Middle Eastern studies professor.

Liberian appeal

March 8, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Brown medical student Eric Huang, En-Ling Wu ’08, Juliza Lam ’05, and Flora Yee-Kwong ’05 from the Reformed University Fellowship asked students passing through the post office for donations to help Rhode Island’s Liberian refugees.

U. brings candidates for archaeology institute director to campus

February 23, 2005 Comments are Disabled

Six candidates for the directorship of the new Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World visited campus this month, according to Dean of the Graduate School Karen Newman, who chairs and organizes the search committee.