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Haven Brothers Diner serves its finest fried selections from a revamped food truck, hailing its origins as a “lunch wagon.”

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Burgers, fries and expanding waistlines at Haven Bros. Diner

October 24, 2013 Comments are Disabled
This article is part of the series Restaurant Week, Fall 2013

The ‘Murder Burger,’ a patty with bacon and mushrooms, is among the specialties offered.

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Science & Research Roundup: Oct. 9, 2013

October 8, 2013 Comments are Disabled

Study reveals lasting events of smoking during pregnancy  A 40-year study found that female children of women who smoked or had higher levels of stress hormones while pregnant were more likely to develop nicotine addictions in adulthood, according to a Lifespan press release. The study, which was published online last […]

At the end of the talk, students asked former Congressman Ron Paul, who spoke Tuesday night, about comments he allegedly made regarding race.

University News

Ron Paul espouses wary view of big government

April 17, 2013 43 comments

The former congressman said his first priorities are ending war and reducing U.S. presence abroad.

The University administration is the second least racially diverse in the Ivy League.

University News

Admin racial diversity ranks among lowest in Ivies

February 28, 2013 13 comments

As three ongoing senior administrative searches proceed, the University looks to increase diversity.

Brown is set to join a group of universities, including Cornell, Harvard, Stanford and Penn, that cover at least some sex reassignment surgeries.

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Student health plan to cover sex reassignment

February 6, 2013 43 comments

The change is part of a broader attempt to make U. policies more inclusive of transgender students.

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Providence locals help with Sandy aftermath

November 6, 2012 Comments are Disabled

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, James Harper, director of Biology and Medicine, was deployed to Brooklyn, N.Y., to serve with a hurricane relief disaster unit.

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New U. fund supports interdisciplinary efforts

September 20, 2012 Comments are Disabled

From a class about downtown Providence to a workshop on puppet theater, the Humanities Initiative Collaborative Research and Teaching Fund has allotted over $100,000 in grant money to faculty projects in its first-ever round of funding this year.

The 23-person company orchestrated a wide variety of pieces to suit all tastes.

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Fusion Dance spring show both moody and moving

March 9, 2012 Comments are Disabled

With crowd-pleasing hip-hop numbers and tragic modern pieces, Fusion Dance Company’s 29th annual spring show keeps the audience on its toes for its entire two-hour duration.

University News

Prof honored as ‘rising star’ in evolutionary bio

February 21, 2012 Comments are Disabled

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology Sohini Ramachandran received the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship for her research in computational and evolutionary molecular biology, according to the foundation’s Feb. 15 press release. The award is granted to young scientists who are “rising stars, the next generation of scientific leaders,” according to the release. 


Bills on alcohol hit General Assembly

March 10, 2011 Comments are Disabled

A bill in the General Assembly would prohibit people ages 18 to 21 from attending nightclubs where alcohol is served — just one of a series of measures related to alcohol and drunk driving under consideration by state lawmakers.