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Sean Toomey

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notes on coats [lifestyle]

I imagine many of you have been hunkered down in your dorms throughout the neverending slew of midterms, surviving solely off of acerbic Ratty coffee and 1 a.m. Jo’s runs. But, if you’ve had the time to peek your head out of your window and onto your respective quadrangle, I’m sure you’ve ...

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slouch couch [lifestyle]

As we once again approach the great ouroboros of pant width and shoulder padding—the kids are trending wide—I am beginning to notice an aesthetic rumbling up  from the edge of retrospective fashion: Everyone is dressing like it's the ’90s. Call it fashion, call it Instagram mood board accounts ...

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sweating towards bethlehem [lifestyle]

The time is upon us when the sun operates as both friend and foe. In these transitional seasons, finding the right combination to keep you both warm for those chilly morning classes and cool under the scorching afternoon sun is almost impossible. A summer wardrobe feels discordant with the slow turning ...

old money.png
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the society man [lifestyle]

From the days of the broad-shouldered financiers who peddled an English drape to the dependable flannels of the power suit, Ivy League campuses have always been hotbeds of the styles associated with the upper class. Originating in Princeton and Yale (sorry guys—we can’t take credit for this one), ...

Voyaging Vestments.png
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voyaging vestments [lifestyle]

The Alps presented a problem. The mountains, spotted with white provincial houses angled on the slopes, flanked our train car. This day of travel was an opportunity to experience rustic clothing and an aestheticization of mountain life so extreme I’m surprised we didn’t go looking for edelweiss—lederhosen ...

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The Best Dressed Man in Bologna

Here we are again in the dead of a seemingly neverending winter. But, hell, that’s what Februaries are for. I hope that you all are staying toasty and layered up, because I seem to have found myself overseas, some four thousand miles from home, and it’s just as fucking frigid. But, here I am, doing ...

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