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Gabrielle Yuan

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to be alone or not to be alone [narrative]

I wonder when I started being afraid of alone time. It’s been an unconscious, foreboding feeling for so long; I’ve adopted it to the point that I feel like I exist as a result of the feeling. What happens now, when I’ve grown used to relying on others? Memories of my childhood sporadically come ...

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the fluidity of becoming myself [lifestyle]

Now that I'm in college, where it feels as if I meet new people in waves throughout the day, I worry I'm not choosing who I can be, but instead matching the personalities of others. It can be exciting to navigate the journey of being your most authentic and genuine self, but occasionally I stray into ...

heart beating of a campus crush.png
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heart beating of a campus crush [lifestyle]

As you sit tucked in the hidden nooks around campus, nestled on a bench with a hot chai latte in hand, you can’t help but look up from your work and take in all of the unfamiliar faces—the crowds of students walking to their morning class or racing to the Blue Room.

unspoken and understandable.jpeg
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solving the secret to sibling dynamics [lifestyle]

During orientation week in August, I discovered that making small talk is one of my specialities. Thinking of questions to ask others comes easy to me, even if we’ve just met. “What majors are you for sure not interested in?” “Did you like the town you grew up in?” “What’s your favorite ...

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worthy of love [narrative]

There are not many things in this world that I, with time, cannot overcome. If it’s a homework assignment, I can escape the all-consuming mindset that one assignment will affect the trajectory of my career. If it’s a disagreement among friends, I can find ways to view multiple perspectives, finding ...

Lifestyle Delusion to Reality.jpg
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reinventing [lifestyle]

If given the chance to reinvent yourself, would you do it? The opportunity for self-reinvention is one of the many perks that come with starting college. What always followed “Why Brown?”, which I was asked numerous times when I committed, was: “You’re sooo lucky. You’re definitely going to ...

red cover (narrative)
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red cover [narrative]

As I cast one final glance around my room, disappointment seeps into my heart. The unfulfilled part of me is saddened to feel nothing more than a single, temporary drop in my chest when thinking about moving away. It’s hard to miss something that has already been tainted by the notion of change, such ...

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