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Hong '24: The Minneapolis I could not see

In late August, I rode the train — the light rail — through Minneapolis. Collapsed buildings, piles of rubble and boarded-up stores blurred past my window. Minneapolis, which I had known for a decade, was a city that I had never seen before: It was ravaged. Growing up eight miles from Minneapolis, ...


Apple '21: A vote for Biden, a vote for empathy

In early February, at a CNN Town Hall, Episcopalian pastor Anthony Thompson, whose wife was killed in the Charleston Church shooting, asked Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden about his faith and about how he would use it in the Oval Office. In typical Biden fashion, as soon as Townsend stood ...


De Padova '24: Feeling behind for first-year fall

My last day of high school was a Friday in March. That’s about all I remember. Initially, some teachers thought we would be back in time for graduation, while others thought that we would be kept out of school indefinitely, possibly until the fall.  Being mildly optimistic, I, like many others, ...


Walsh' 23: We need to have a national conversation about humor

TikTok is a social media app like no other, and its “For You” page’s algorithm is why. While the page’s exact mechanism is unclear, its goal is anything but: It monitors each TikTok user’s preferences based on their likes, views, comments and follows, curating an endless feed of videos that ...


Reed '21: A recipe for more equitable college admission

For the past several years, the righteous fight for equity and fairness in college admission has been mired in a state of moral confusion. Everyone wants fairness, but how? Empowerment, but for whom? To knock down barriers, but which ones? To some, the answers are clear, and even more obvious to them ...


Ruzicka ’21: Where is Brown’s Plan B?

Last week, on Sept. 10, 2020, President Christina Paxson P’19 sent an email to the Brown community announcing that the University would be moving forward with Phase 2 of its reopening plans. Under this direction, undergraduate sophomores, juniors and seniors who elect to return to campus will move ...


Walsh '23: We Need to Fight for Inclusive Sex Ed Nationwide

In the same year that Congress defined marriage as between a man and a woman, Justice Antonin Scalia opined that some groups among LGBTQ+ people were actually quite privileged. In his dissent to Romer v. Evans in 1996, Scalia wrote that “those who engage in homosexual conduct tend to reside in disproportionate ...


Ruzicka ’21: Your money or your life

“Why Brown?” Thousands of prospective students have answered this question as they vied for a coveted spot in the next class of Brunonians. Once the lucky ones were chosen, we all said “yes” for different reasons: the unmatched academic freedom of the Open Curriculum, the ability to connect ...


Ruzicka '21: Don’t Sell Shopping Period Short

Since the University administration announced its plans for the fall 2020 semester on July 7, 2020, students have been focused on making their decisions about whether or not to return to campus. I have admittedly been contemplating the same dilemma and during my research I noticed an oversight in the ...


Kelley Tackett: The promise of joy

The first time I went swing dancing, I simply followed the music. It was a snowy February night, and I was walking home from a late shift at The Herald when the soft notes of Ella Fitzgerald found me on the sidewalk behind Sayles. I wandered up the steps for a peek in the window, and found myself dancing ...


Elizabeth Tran: Confidence-in-the-making

Last fall, I attended a workshop hosted by legendary public-speaking professor Barbara Tannenbaum. In the warm comfort of her home that evening, a small group of 30 students sat around her cozy living room. Besides the home-cooked pizza that she had prepared for us, each of us came in search of the ...

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