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Two of a kind: Twins descend on College Hill in tandem

During her first week at Brown, Sarah Goddard ’14 was waved at by a fellow first-year. She had no idea who he was. The student, it turned out, thought Sarah was her identical twin sister, Lisa. “When I explained that I wasn’t her and we were twins, he said, ‘you are literally blowing my mind ...

The Setonian

Late on arrival: Transfers adjust to U. life

At the University of St. Andrews, students only had two options for lunch, each slopped on their trays, said Catherine Gross ’13 — the cafeteria line was the size of the Sharpe Refectory’s salad bar. “You couldn’t go back for seconds,” she added, “not that you would want to.” After ...

The Setonian

Aiming to serve, peer advising options evolve

The year is 1904. A group of students and faculty are gathered in the Ann Eliza Club room, heads together, in the midst of an intense discussion. They are members of the Brown University Sphinx Club, founded to facilitate discourse and promote communication between students and faculty members. Named ...


MCM at Brown: decoding an abstract concentration

Welcome to Alaska: March 1 to 7, 2006. Shadowy conifers mottle the snow-powdered meadows. The graceful crags of white-capped mountains behind the village inject the quintessential, everyday majesty one expects of this northern state. But save for a single plume of smoke billowing from a mustard-tinged ...

The Setonian

BRYTE unites refugees, student tutors

Christine Pappas ’14 tutors a 9-year-old girl from Burundi, but she is not always the one doing the talking. “I’m constantly asking her to teach me things,” Pappas said — her tutee would like to become a teacher one day. “She has been really fortunate and has had really dedicated teachers ...


Fish Co. to WhisCo: Local bar upgrades weeknight thrills

A group of first-year girls in tube skirts wait outside the Whiskey Republic on a Wednesday night, chilly in the below 30-degree weather but excited for the night ahead. After paying their $5 covers, they enter the semi-crowded bar of wooden panels and wander until they find the coat check. They came ...


Avon fills niche as East Side independent film mecca

On a quiet Friday afternoon, the Avon Theater often bustles with middle-aged local intellectuals. The thick smell of warm buttered popcorn hangs in the air, while old-time swing music plays softly. “Welcome to the world’s most uncomfortable seats in the most beautiful theater,” one elderly patron ...


Thayer through the ages: Restaurants reign supreme

When the neon lights and glass tables in Shark Bar & Grille expand into the building next door within two years, taking over a vacant space formerly home to the boutique shop Details, it will mark just one more step in a recent trend on Thayer Street: an increase in restaurants and a decline of ...


City bookstores persist in the face of electronic market

When one thinks of bookstores today, it’s easy to draw parallels to record shops or VHS rental stores — quaint but thoroughly outdated relics of the past. But despite an industry upturned by digital technology, Providence’s independent bookstores have continued to thrive.   A tale as old ...


Arcade’s reopening gives historic mall new lease on life

With its ornate facade, curling iron handrails and marble walls, the Arcade Providence has long maintained a sense of class and old-fashioned glamor below a half-decade thick layer of dust. Construction workers remain at the historic site, finishing paint and plaster. But simultaneously, new shops ...


App makers release software, gain experience

As smartphones continue to become more widespread, students are finding both social and academic reasons to join the app craze. Noah Fradin ’15 developed an app called “Punch-Hang With Friends,” which was  released in the Apple Store Sept. 3. Punch is “the way to find and share spontaneous ...

The Setonian

Students experiment with Google Glass prototype

While the advent of smartphones brought the Internet to users’ pockets, Google Glass has made it possible to bring it right in front of people’s eyes. Before the product goes live, a select few Brown and Rhode Island School of Design students are previewing a beta version of a product that could ...

The Setonian

Halloweek haunts College Hill

One of the few times of the year when students are encouraged to pretend to be someone — or something — they are not, Halloweek will feature both on- and off-campus celebrations and attempts to best their peers with creative attire and trickery. But the expanded celebration around Halloween is a ...


Alum revealed as voice of iPhone’s Siri

Years before the voice of Siri echoed in the pockets of millions of iPhone users, it sounded across Brown’s campus in classics courses and Chattertocks concerts. The voice, known for its polite advice and darkly sarcastic humor, belongs to Susan Bennett ’71, who earlier this month announced her ...


Wrestling club helps students in and out of ring

At Nathan Bishop Middle School Wednesday, two students began to push each other after school. One boy tackled the other, and they tussled on the ground while a group of curious peers quickly circled around them. It is a scene all too familiar at Providence Public Middle Schools, where fighting or violent ...

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