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E.L. Meszaros


Meszaros GS: Providence needs the circus

Famed circuses Barnum and Bailey and the Ringling Bros. may have shut their doors for good, but the popularity of circus is actually on the rise. This is in no small part due to the increasing accessibility of the circus. What used to be only witnessed on the stage — or in the ring, as the case may ...


Meszaros GS: Make Brown Blogs better

The University provides students with a number of digital tools to supplement their academic work. But these tools are only useful if they are effectively implemented. For instance, the technological limitations of Brown Blogs, which allows students to publish their own digital journals, has prevented ...


Meszaros GS: The historical case for astrology

Questioning the validity of astrology and its place in modern conversations may seem straightforward — after all, as Jamie Flynn ’20.5 stated in his recent opinion, “astrology is pure pseudoscience.” But as Allie Arnold ’20 pointed out in her response to his column, the matter is complicated ...


Meszaros GS: Speaking into the mic

Many academic institutions are attempting to increase accessibility, considering everything from the design of campus buildings to accommodations at conferences and workshops. But modifying infrastructure can only do so much to ensure that an event or lecture is accessible if everyone doesn’t adjust ...


Meszaros GS: Increase training in public scholarship

In an era rife with accusations of and reactions to “fake news,” engagement between scholars and the public is crucial for sharing and correctly interpreting research. But public scholarship — and communicating research to the public — has never been a priority for academia, which has instead ...


Meszaros GS: Disentangling grad school and alcohol culture

Alcohol use and abuse is a noted problem for undergraduate students, but in my experience, it becomes an accepted and expected part of the culture in grad school. In grad school, alcohol is worryingly intertwined with academic activities in a way that can be exclusive and damaging. We should re-evaluate ...


Meszaros GS: Reduce recommendation letter requirements

One of the most stressful parts of the University experience isn’t taking midterms or writing final papers: it’s applying to jobs, internships and graduate school. Often, employers and schools ask students to provide numerous recommendation letters supporting their applications. The process of obtaining ...


Meszaros GS: Saying goodbye to science heroes

Recent movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up have pushed us to hold the perpetrators of sexual assault accountable. But the more we had admired the accused, the more reluctant we are to address the allegations of assault. One instance where those who support movements like #MeToo have been particularly ...

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