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Joyce Gao

my aerophobia and i
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[feature] my aerophobia and i

The cabin was dark. I sat amidst sleeping strangers and a baby crying nonstop. Maybe it was because everything from my hair to the provided blankets smelled like stale coffee that I sat wide awake, staring at the in-flight travel monitor—the only source of light in my vicinity. On the screen, a small ...

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the peripheral view [feature]

I know romanticizing sleep deprivation is a little foolish. I am not speaking of just any sleep deprivation; I am speaking of the kind you knowingly bring upon yourself when you are young and carefree, the kind that puts you in a dream-like state, replaying snippets from the previous night. If you have ...

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the blue hour [feature]

After sunset is the blue hour. The sun is just below the horizon, and on a clear day, the remaining light scatters through the air, turning everything blue. At some point, you must have pushed out of a door, rolled down a window, or dragged a trash bag to the driveway and suddenly felt that blue air ...

detaching from detachment.png
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a farewell to detachment [feature]

I’ve always known that if you really try to stare into space long enough, you can pry open the screen of reality and reveal a sliver of what is behind. Growing up, it was like a game, to lie awake during naptime and stare until I could see the frames of the world shifting off-kilter the slightest ...

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happy little sounds of ASMR [feature]

As a child, I loved having my friends explain math to me. It was never really about the content, but rather about how the pen traced geometric shapes and scribbled equations, how my friend would look up from time to time to ask if I understood. I liked to focus on the tip of the pen leaving a trace ...


Gao ’24: CAPS must be more proactive serving students

As a member of the class of 2024, I share the pervasive feelings of burnout with my peers as we trudge through three consecutive terms. While the University has put Counseling and Psychological Services forth as an available resource for students, frustrations about CAPS still abound. 

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