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Kendrick Tan

The Setonian
Science & Research

Study links brain processes involved in learning

Reinforcement learning — a process during which humans alter their behavior as they learn which behaviors yield the best results — and working memory — which allows people to optimize decision-making by keeping track of previous actions and their consequences — appear to be two separate modes ...

Science & Research

Scientists map mineralogy of large lunar basin

University researchers recently published a study examining the mineralogy of the moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin, which could serve as guidance for future explorations on the moon. The study, published in the “Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets,” was led and coauthored by Daniel Moriarty, ...

Science & Research

Robots engage in autonomous high-level planning

A new study by led by George Konidaris, assistant professor of computer science, describes an algorithm to help robots plan intelligently by engaging in high-level tasks using low-level data. The study was supported by an award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Artificial Intelligence ...

The Setonian
Science & Research

Researchers receive grant to record neural activity

Funded by a grant of up to $19 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the University will lead an international team of scientists to create an implantable wireless brain interface system. The project aims to develop a system able to record neural activity at an unprecedented level ...

Science & Research

Researchers link lunar cycles to eruptions

A recent study shows a likely correlation between volcanic seismicity and lunar cycles before an upcoming eruption. “We were interested in investigating whether we could use the response of volcanic systems to tidal stresses to detect whether a volcano is in a critical state, or when it is about ...

Science & Research

Study finds co pay cuts boost mammogram screenings

A study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that mammogram screenings have increased in the two years after the Affordable Care Act eliminated cost sharing, or out-of-pocket payments. The study also examined the impact of this change on different demographics. “The idea ...

Science & Research

Neurodatathon premiers in four-day event

Students worked with state-of-the-art tools to uncover patterns in a never-before analyzed neural data set at Brown’s first-ever Neurodatathon Nov. 28 to Dec. 2. Hosted by Brown Data Science and sponsored by the Brown Institute for Brain Science and the Brown Initiative for Computation in Brain and ...

The Setonian

PVD Healthworks initiative introduced

A new initiative, called PVD Healthworks, will supply and strengthen the health care and social assistance workforce in Providence and Cranston. The initiative was introduced Oct. 20 at a press conference by Mayor Jorge Elorza alongside Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Director Scott Jensen, ...

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