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Rachel Gold


Rachel Gold: Speak to all pasts, and they shall teach thee

On Earth Day this year, my friends and I stood on the Main Green for a few hours and asked passersby to guess the age of our planet. Our team of undergrad geology students had laid out a timeline of Earth’s history that spanned the Green: The formation of Earth was under Faunce Arch, the oxygenation ...


Gold '19: Earth’s history shows we need a Green New Deal

When we think about climate change, we should think about the Younger Dryas. You probably haven’t heard of the Younger Dryas, a cold period that started 12,900 years ago — at the end of the last glacial period — with a 10˚C cooling over two centuries, and ended 1,200 years later with a 15˚C ...

University News

Timor-Leste founders talk nation-building

In the 1990s, Brown’s campus was a hotbed of activism on behalf of Timor-Leste, the Southeast Asian island then occupied by — and subject to human rights violations committed by — Indonesia. Over 15 years later, the leaders of what is now the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste arrived in Providence ...

The Setonian
University News

Watson reports put price tag on post-9/11 wars

The money flows out — from public and private coffers to military contractors, overseas partners and veteran hospitals. Territory is gained and lost, flags raised and lowered and bodies buried. The transactions —  financial, physical and human — add up. The total cost, determined by the Costs ...

Science & Research

Maya codex deemed oldest text in Americas

When an ancient Mayan scribe put paint to fig bark sometime around the turn of the 13th century, he hardly could have imagined that his bark sheets would ultimately make their way around the world — via the Internet, no less. But such has been the journey of the Grolier Codex, a Maya astrological ...

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