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Reid Secondo


Secondo '16 GS: Toward a more personal disunion

1960’s essayist Joan Didion had it right: the center is not holding. It is a country of bankrupt farms and presidential Twitter tirades and commonplace mass shootings. It is a country where families are broken by opioid abuse and today’s children may never learn the social norms that have held society ...


Secondo ’16 GS: Four more years

We are currently only a little over 18 months away from the reckoning of the 2020 election, and the chances of kicking the Flaming Dorito out of the White House are already dwindling. Let’s go through a quick checklist. First, as always, “it’s the economy, stupid.” For the exhaustive laundry ...


Secondo '16 GS: The audacity of the scam

On March 12, Operation Varsity Blues exposed your run-of-the-mill C-list celebrities, financiers, Division 1 coaches and educational consultants as a motley coterie of fraudsters and racketeers that spun a scheme of idiotic deceit all because some parents wanted their unqualified kids to attend some ...


Secondo '16 GS: Quitters don’t compromise

You can’t always get what you want. And neither can Amazon nor the President of the United States. Stuck at the crossroads of politics, policy and hubris, one of the world’s most valuable companies, Amazon, and one of world’s most powerful people, President Trump, failed in their respective quests ...


Secondo ’16 GS: A homecoming meditation

During my second semester as an undergraduate, it clicked. Brown is more than a place of learning; it is also an idea: a celebration of free inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge deployed in service of making our world a better place. Born from countless people, values and aspirations, it is a dynamic ...

The Setonian

Secondo '16: Apple should protect consumer privacy

Having grown up during the technology boom of the past two decades, we tech-savvy millennials see the use of personal devices and daily technologies as natural extensions of ourselves. Our virtual profiles and online activities project who we are into cyberspace. We swipe, scroll and surf through interfaces ...

The Setonian

Secondo '16: Let live, let learn

In light of the ongoing campus discussion of free expression, responsibility and identity, who are you? What do you stand for? We find ourselves in unsettled times here at Brown where people, places and paradigms are under incessant scrutiny in the quest for what? Resolution? Blame? Healing? Regardless ...

The Setonian

Secondo '16: Demagogue and populist

We live in a hypersensitive age of anxiety and fear. Everywhere we turn, we are reminded of threats and problems that are gradually clawing away at our sense of security. Crippling inequality, racial injustice and rampant gun violence, along with sluggish Main Street growth, gridlocked government and ...

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