Note: As Friday, April 24 marked the last official day of classes according to the original University calendar, and The Herald typically follows the University calendar for daily publication, we will no longer be publishing submissions on a regular basis after this date. While we do make exceptions to publish a limited number of very time-sensitive pieces during the summer, we encourage you generally to submit pieces when classes resume during the fall semester.

UPDATE: In light of the University’s recent announcement of its decision regarding the form of the 2020-21 academic year, The Herald is accepting some summer opinions submissions related to this decision and its implications for community members. While capacity limits us from publishing all submissions we receive, we are currently open to submissions from community members of blurbs of less than 150 words addressing aspects of the University’s three-term plan and its effects. Additionally, if you wish to submit a longer, standard op-ed for review, we are also accepting these on a limited basis: We ask that you send a brief pitch of the op-ed you would like to write first, so that we can review the pitch and let you know whether we can accept the op-ed. Even if we accept your pitch, all op-eds must undergo the editing process described below, and we cannot guarantee publication if we cannot agree on edits. Thank you and take care.

The Brown Daily Herald publishes submissions in the form of op-eds and letters to the editor.

Please send in submissions at least 48 hours in advance of your desired publication date, or as far in advance of publication as you are able. When you email your submission, please include (1) your full name, (2) an evening or mobile phone number in case your submission is chosen for publication and (3) any affiliation with Brown University or any institution or organization relevant to the content of your submission.

Submissions in either of these two formats undergo multiple rounds of editing as part of our standard process to make published pieces as clear as possible. Opinions submissions typically undergo four rounds of editing: They are first edited by an opinions editor, then by a member of the editorial board, then by a copy editor, and the final version is read by another member of the editorial board before publication. As the editing process includes fact-checking and verifying sources, we ask that you include sources for statements within your argument when submitting your piece. Failure to provide appropriate sources may mean we have to modify or remove unverified claims, because we cannot publish unsubstantiated information. These rounds of editing generally take place within one evening when The Herald is operating on a print schedule, but may take multiple days when we are operating online only. If your piece is considered for publication, an editor will contact you to discuss potential changes to your submission. When we are operating on a print schedule, you may be asked to come into the office to review edits to your submission as part of the first round of editing.

All submissions to The Herald cannot have been previously published elsewhere (in print or online — including personal blogs and social media), and they must be exclusive to The Herald.

As of spring 2020, submissions must include no more than three individual authors. If there are more than three original authors, The Herald can acknowledge the authors in a statement at the end of the letter or op-ed, but the byline can generally only include up to three names. The Herald will not publish submissions authored by groups or anonymous submissions. If you feel your circumstances prevent you from submitting an op-ed or letter with your name, please email to explain your situation.

The Herald typically only publishes submissions while it is in print. The Herald cannot publish all submissions it receives, and reserves the right to edit all submissions. Once your submission is published in The Herald, The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. owns the copyright to the materials. 


Op-eds are typically between 750 and 1000 words, though we will consider submissions between 500 and 1200 words. Op-eds are meant to prompt new discussions on campus or frame new arguments about current discourse. They should be written by members of the Brown community or relevant stakeholders in issues that are pertinent to campus life. Op-eds should not be written in response to or as critiques of The Herald’s editorial decisions, though they can present counter arguments to op-eds or columns published in The Herald. You can submit op-eds to Op-ed contributors are required to come into The Herald’s office to edit the op-ed. 

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor should be around 250 words. Letters to the editor respond to an article or column that has appeared in The Herald, or they critique or commend The Herald’s editorial decisions. The Herald typically accepts letters written by members of the Brown community or those covered in its reporting. You can submit letters to the editor to