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Phi Beta Kappa inducts 105 seniors

Seniors gain membership in Rhode Island Alpha chapter of national academic honors society

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One hundred and five seniors were inducted this week into the Rhode Island Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, “the oldest and most prestigious academic honors organization in the nation,” Chapter Administrator Mary Jo Foley wrote in an email to The Herald.

Brown is one of 283 higher education institutions in the United States authorized to host a chapter. Founded in 1830, the Brown chapter is the seventh oldest in the nation.

To be eligible, seniors must have completed 28 courses over seven semesters and earned at least 23 grades of A or S with distinction.

Thirty-two juniors were nominated to the chapter in February, and senior recipients who transferred to Brown as juniors will be announced in May.

The inductees from the Class of 2015 are:

Steven Joel Goldberg Adler

Krishan Lawrence Aghi

Kyle Joseph Albert

Mutaz Al-Chanati

Dilum Priyanka Aluthge, a former Herald opinions columnist

Jordan Riley Beard

Hannah Mae Begley

Madeline Pia Klaimitz Berg, a former Herald senior editor

Sonia Anne Boor

Kira Anne Bromwich

Julia Ting Bu

Abigail Louise Cain

Eric Liangde Chen

Rong Benedict Chen

Pei Ling Chia

Bryna Peebles Cofrin-Shaw

Lauren Eleanor Colwell

Evan Alexandra Cranston

Alexander James Davies

Michael Zhiyuan Deng

Max Aaron Deutsch

Julia Rachel Donner

Michael Anthony D’Ortenzio Jr.

Alex L. Drechsler, a former Herald opinions columnist

Tess Biggs Druckenmiller

Margaret JoAnna Dushko

Guo Jin Daryl Eng

Cody Rand Fitzgerald

Hallee Carlisle Foster

Edward Samuel Friedman

Michael Aaron Fuchs

Max Jordan Genecov

Kyle Harris Giddon

Grant Baker Gittes

Emily Susan Goldman

Ana Elizabeth Gonzalez

Dana Kathleen Goplerud

Lily Anne Gutterman

Victor Van Ha

Todd Faulkner Harris

Megan McLaughlin Hauptman

Stephanie Erin Hayes, a former Herald contributing writer

Campbell Lucas Hewett

Michael Thomas Gerard Hoffmann

Zhaofei Huang

Zachary Ross Ingber, a former Herald opinions columnist

Michaela Evelina Jacobs

Ronak Haresh Jani

William Sandler Janover, a former Blog Daily Herald editor-in-chief

William Samuel Johnson

Alexander G. A. Jusdanis

Lee-Sien Kao

Max Mattleman Kaplan

Katherine Emma Kartheiser

Carol JiEun Kim, a former Herald contributing writer

Alison Rose Kirsch

Thomas P. Kishkovich

Yao Zhou Liu

Yi Liu

Patrick William Madden

Camila M. Mchugh

Steven Siyao Meng

Margaret McCrann Nickerson

Patrick Gaughan O’Callahan

Sarah Elizabeth Parker

Sarah Ellen Perelman, a former Herald science and research editor

Marina Webster Perkins

Danielle Hanna Pietro

Abigail Plummer

Claire Michele Postman, a former Herald copy desk chief

Maya Ramchandran

Zachary Isaac Rubin

Adam Michael Scherlis

Thomas Peter Schubert

Judah Ari Schvimer

Erin Garfield Schwartz

Alexander Jordon Sherry

William Joseph Shinevar

Shashwat Silas

Alexander Clayton Sogo

Elias Merwin Spector-Zabusky

Tatiana Spottiswoode

Evan William Strouss

Mary Elizabeth Tarantino

Ryan Maxwell Taylor

Jamie Emerson Temko

Keith Robert Thomas

Christopher Michael Thompson

Tara Torabi

Andrew Alphonse Triedman

William David Underwood Jr.

Jay Upadhyay, a former Herald opinions columnist

Thaya Uthayophas, a former Herald contributing writer

Elena Nicole Venable, a former Herald contributing writer

Catherine Stuart Wallace

Hunter Sung Leong Warwick

Zachary David Whitman

Elizabeth Sarah Emma Woodward, a former Herald contributing writer

Sandra Chun-Shan Yan

Alexander Yanbo Yang

Gregory James Yauney

Se-Young Yoon

Julie Hanzhi Yue, a former Herald contributing writer

Anna Elizabeth Zeidman

Shayna Rachel Zema


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