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University moves to Modified Campus Activity level 2

Quiet Period ends, campus allows in-person instruction for classes of 19 students or fewer beginning Jan. 27

Senior Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Beginning Jan. 27, classes of 19 students or fewer will be permitted to meet in person.

The University will transition into a Modified Level 2 of the Campus Activity Status beginning Jan. 27, at which point classes of 19 students or fewer will be allowed to meet in person, according to an email sent by Russell Carey, executive vice president for planning and policy, Tuesday evening.

This transition will prioritize academic activities while maintaining all other Level 1 restrictions. This stands in contrast to the fall semester, when the transition to Level 2 lifted some campus restrictions, including indoors interactions between pods.

Students will also be able to reserve study spaces in libraries, while following health guidelines.

Additionally, “limited University-sponsored and University-organized in-person events approved by senior officers and hosted by staff may take place, preferably outdoors, with mask wearing and social distancing,” Carey wrote. 

Undergraduate students living on campus or in off-campus Brown-leased properties are not permitted to interact in small groups indoors or without a mask at this time. These students “have not yet had adequate time to establish stable pods” and as such “should continue to wear masks when in any group” unless outdoors and able to “maintain social distancing of at least six feet,” Carey wrote.

In contrast, students living off-campus with firmly established pods are now eligible to socialize indoors with their pods without wearing a mask. Interactions with individuals outside of their pods still require wearing masks and social distancing.

“Individual and collective choices — including mask wearing, hand washing, symptom monitoring, social distancing, seeking medical advice when sick and active participation in the routine testing program — have enabled us to take this step,” Carey wrote.

“If we all work together and maintain these practices, we will ensure a safe and healthy spring term with an increasingly broader range of permissible activities,” he added. 

Community members are still discouraged from travelling off campus for non-essential activities at this time. However, students are permitted to exercise off-campus while following health precautions.

Students transitioned to Stage 2 of Quiet Period Jan. 23 following a Thursday night email from Vanessa Britto, associate vice president for campus life, and Koren Bakkegard, dean of students. The transition afforded students increased dining options and permitted interaction in small groups outdoors while wearing masks and social distancing.

Carey and the other members of the COVID-19 Campus Activity Level Review meet semiweekly to review health conditions and oversee changes to the Campus Activity Status.

“Moving to a modified Level 2 is a positive and important milestone, and all members of the Brown community should take pride in doing so,” he added.

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