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Print Editions Saturday September 30th, 2023

Brunonians are smiling, and for good reason — spring is here at last. Having braved exams and lectures, papers and presentations, we revel in our own triumph, as much as spring's: Sunburns replace shirtsleeves, Natural Light steps in for natural history and grill smoke fills the air. In the coming weeks, we enrolled students will judge how best to split our time between the lawns and the libraries. But for the moment, we'll savor springtime, and leave the serious decision-making to you, the class of 2013.

We've all been where you are now. We've endured the interminable information sessions and inaudible walking tours; gritted our teeth through their false smiles and hollow answers. We've combed the university rankings and college guidebooks, searching for life in empty words and numbers. We know the difficulty of imagining yourself at college, and so would like to take this opportunity to offer a little insight into life at Brown.

First, know that Brown is a place for personal growth. If you're closed-minded, it's trying; if you're open-minded, it's unbelievably liberating. The New Curriculum allows you to take what you want, when you want. While it demands maturity and dedication, it rewards with opportunity for change, and personal development. If you let your mind lead, you'll discover and embrace a slew of new hobbies and interests.

Next, know that Brown is challenging. Though the Satisfactory/No Credit system supports academic risk-taking, it's not a crutch. Brunonians work hard because we love what we do, not because we have to. No matter what you choose to study, your professors will afford you every opportunity, guide you through every hardship and work you through every inquiry. They do it because they believe in our genius — in our ability to advance our respective fields. But understand that, in return, they expect nothing less than excellence, and will push you until you achieve it.

Lastly, know that Brown is fun — there's a reason we're some of the happiest undergrads in the country. While anyone can attest to the prestige of a Brown degree, only students can convey the pleasure of earning one. So go ahead, ask the next Brunonian you pass what it's like to go here. Watch how quickly the conversation moves from science to Spring Weekend, or from calculus to Campus Dance. Undoubtedly, a Brown education is social, as much as academic.

You are the most competitive class Brown has ever seen. We're sure that you are right for Brown. We sincerely hope you find that Brown is also right for you. 

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