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Editorial: What we're thankful for

Bagels, Brown University Shuttle OnCall, the Creperie, Alice, the 124th Editorial Board, Juan Tien T. Juan, Phelan Huan Twanteetoo, Sven Twintee, Helen Gurley Brown, Trader Joe’s, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Groverina.

“Mean Girls,” Blue State, popcorn, pumpkin, Meeting Street Cafe, sports editors, Stephen Foley, Henry the vacuum cleaner, fond memories of the upstairs library, soup, warm coats, Banquet, Herald Happy Hour, Taboo and goat food.

Pop-Tarts, the Kabob and Curry appetizer deal, Marisa Quinn, Never Have I Ever, Connie Britton, AS220, pancakes, Beer 30, Shawn, poetry night and Zooma Trattoria.

Spreads, pre-webbing, blindfolded picnics in India Point Park, being in the weekend, homemade cheesecake in the Herald refrigerator, kale, humanities-centered robots, robots that make pie, Yankee Spirits, Grantland, Shakespeare, boxed wine, “Clue” and initials.

“Ignition,” Adam Brody’s impending nuptials, 5 a.m. Loui’s, midnight Grad Center Bar trips, infographics, senior staff writers, data science, Nate Silver, frat tanks, kickball victories, the College Hill ’Dependent, listservs and Grad Center D 330/Young Orchard 2 340.

Bollywood mashups, dependent clauses in headlines, comma headlines, em-dashes, design editors and staffers, Songza, Greg Jordan-Detamore ’14, impromptu polls, Google Alerts, breaking news, sample cups and search committees.

Cross-continent Google Hangouts, Nora Ephron, Jell-O shots, Asana, Google Drive, Levain Bakery, Haiku, free discourse, tasteful nudes, the editorial decisions of Post- Magazine, 299 Governor St. and James Egan.

Journalism conferences, Richard Holbrooke ’62, girls on top, the Blue Room door, the mailroom, wildcards, Cormac (the novelist and the laptop), red pens, wet-erase and the yardstick.

Bound volumes, icebreakers, copy editors, new staff writers, Josh Schwartz, photographers, champagne toasts, social media skills, F8, prewriting, 16-page newspapers, cats, Mama Gail, Nikhil, sports editors exiting retirement, web updates, our families, Jonathan Ellis ’06 and friends making it in journalism.

Studying biology, iMessage, secret bakers, Sam’s Club, back rubs, flexible layout and dynamic content, puns, post-4 a.m. delirium, props and you.


The Herald’s 123rd Editorial Board has a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for reading.


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