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Suspected assaulter arrested

Salvatore Romano, the man suspected to have assaulted a Brown alum around 9:30 p.m. on  Feb. 18 near Waterman and Gano Streets, was arrested by the Providence Police last week. The victim said the perpetrator made no move to take her belongings and told her “You’re coming with me” while grabbing her. The ProPo intend to charge Romano, who had recently been released on parole, with assault with attempt to rob.


Raging hard

In more off-campus news, both College Hill residents and students have raised concerns that Brown’s new alcohol policy may push more parties off campus and increase the amount of disruptive behavior in the neighborhoods surrounding campus. Some residents have been showing their distaste for loud off-campus parties through a Facebook community page called “Protect College Hill.” The page’s motto declares, “No ragers in our neighborhood.” College Hill resident Ronald Dwight ’66 explained Brown students’ disruptive parties by saying Brown students are “more into this heavy partying — raging, it’s called. They just can’t wait to get off campus and have these wild parties.”


In case you didn’t feel inadequate enough

Thirty-two juniors were inducted into the Rhode Island Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society.  To be eligible, the undergrads must have taken at least 20 courses at Brown, earning an A or an S with distinction in at least 18 of them. Further, at least 40 percent of these courses must have been in the arts, humanities, pure math or social sciences. In completely unrelated news, students all around campus are wishing that they had made fewer Wednesday night trips to Whisco their first year.


Show me the Plouf Plouf

Meanwhile, students trying to get their Mama Kim’s on have been seriously troubled by the recent lack of food trucks on or near campus. Though the growing prevalence of food trucks has been causing tension for years, ProPo have only recently begun enforcing restrictions on the trucks more strictly, food truck owners said. “Police are kicking us out for old laws that they just all of a sudden started to enforce. To be honest, we feel like we are being bullied,” said Thang Huynh, owner of Lotus Pepper. For the sake of our stomachs, can’t everyone just get along?


Getting schooled

A new working group has been assembled to discuss the possibility of a winter academic term. The term would give students opportunities both within and without Brown classrooms in the form of online classes, study abroad and travel classes. While adopting a winter session might inconveniently change the Brown calendar, it might also align it with RISD’s calendar, allowing students to take classes at both institutions more easily. Though overall feedback from faculty members and grad students has been positive, we would never have guessed students would want to spend more time in the Providence winter.


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