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Articles by Liza Mullett (30)

Trump stated that his political activity is “far from being over” at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

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College Republicans split on post-Trump future, reflecting national GOP divisions

March 3, 2021 2 comments

As the Republican Party wrestles with how to define itself in the post-Trump era,  Brown College Republicans finds itself in the same boat. 

Winter storms have resulted in blackouts across Texas as a result of the state’s independent and deregulated power grid.

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Texas students impacted by winter storm, blackouts

February 23, 2021 0 comments

Last Tuesday, Marie-Anne Barrón ’22 was eating lunch with her family, grateful to have power again, when she noticed water falling from the ceiling, followed by “a loud boom.”

Polling giant Mark Mellman discusses 2016, 2020 elections, future of polling in Taubman Center talk

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Polling giant Mark Mellman discusses 2016, 2020 elections, future of polling in Taubman Center talk

February 19, 2021 0 comments

Mark Mellman, the president of the American Association of Political Consultants and chief executive officer of The Mellman Group, joined Visiting Professor of the Practice of Political Science Richard Arenberg to discuss the current state and future of political polling.

Professor of Sociology Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve called the President’s plan “a step in the right direction… (but) really a drop in the proverbial bucket.”

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“A drop in the proverbial bucket”: Incarceration scholars, housing activists weigh in on Biden executive orders

February 5, 2021 0 comments

President Joe Biden has signed 28 executive orders within his first two weeks as president — more than most presidents in recent history have done in their first month in the Oval Office. On the cusp of Black History Month, Biden issued several orders related to ending racial inequity and discrimination. 

Community members expressed relief at Joe Biden’s inauguration as president; others are hesitant that new leadership will bring about necessary change.

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Brown community reacts to Biden inauguration on a day of firsts

January 20, 2021 1 comment

Joseph R. Biden has been inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. In an emotional inaugural ceremony that marked the transfer of power from former President Donald Trump to Joseph R. Biden Jr., speakers called for unity and healing.

University student groups and faculty reflect on President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet, which the Senate began confirming Tuesday.

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Students, faculty analyze what Biden’s cabinet means for America

January 19, 2021 0 comments

The Senate began confirmation hearings for President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet Jan. 19, ushering in the new Biden administration and a cabinet set to be the most diverse in American history. Half of the 26 nominees to the cabinet are people of color and 12 are women.

University faculty discussed the significance of the Jan. 6 Capital insurrection and the potential implications for the incoming Biden administration, as well as matters that will be at the forefront of the administration’s efforts.

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‘A historic moment in time for this democracy’: Watson inauguration talk shifts focus to Capitol riots

January 14, 2021 0 comments

“The Biden Administration: What to Expect,” a virtual panel held by the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy on Jan. 12., initially aimed to present a “wide-ranging analysis and discussion of the potential policy and politics of the incoming administration.”

If Gov. Raimondo’s nomination to Biden’s cabinet is confirmed by the Senate, her vacancy will be filled by Lt. Gov. Dan McKee.

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Brown political community reacts to Raimondo commerce nomination

January 11, 2021 0 comments

President-elect Joe Biden has officially tapped Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo for Commerce Secretary, calling her “one of the most effective, forward-thinking governors in America.” Raimondo’s nomination coincides with an economic crisis, which has caused 22 million Americans to lose their jobs due to the pandemic. 

Seth Goldstein ‘22.5 said he hopes the next four years under Biden aren’t simply “a third Obama term," and that the new administration embarks on a more progressive path forward.

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‘All gas, no brakes’: student volunteers for Democratic candidates reflect on campaign trail experiences

November 22, 2020 0 comments

When major news outlets called the presidential race for Joe Biden on the morning of Nov. 7, Alexandra Blitzer ’22.5 fell to her couch and cried — enjoying “a huge moment of triumph and excitement” as her work campaigning for the Democratic candidate paid off. 

President-elect Joe Biden at Brown in 2018, when he was the speaker for Brown Lecture Board's fall talk.

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Brown students react to historic Biden victory with quiet optimism

November 7, 2020 0 comments

In a sudden conclusion to a drawn-out battle, former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election Nov. 7. Biden’s victory arrives four days post-Election Day after a close battle for the Oval Office with incumbent President Donald Trump.