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Letters To The Editor


Letter: Public humanities can reshape graduate work

To the Editor: I write to support and extend E.L Meszaros GS’ recent column “Increase Training in Public Scholarship.” As Meszaros notes, PhD students can take graduate level courses in Public Humanities and benefit from thinking about scholarship in public (in fact most PhD students in American ...

The Setonian

Letter: The value of this year’s First Readings

To the Editor: It’s hard to describe how we felt when we first heard that the First Readings assignment would be The Idiot. Collectively, we have read and re-read the novel at least seven times. One of us is a Slavic Studies concentrator who spent a summer teaching in a Hungarian village; the other ...


Letter: Students should take advantage of DPS services

To the Editor: My name is Chun Cheng, and I am a Brown alum that just graduated a few months ago. I am writing regarding an article I saw in The Herald. I lived in an off-campus apartment during my two years of study at Brown University and took advantage of the Brown Department of Public Safety services, ...


Letter: Brown breaks education funding promise

To the Editor: I am disappointed in the Brown administration’s efforts to cite its current programmatic investments in Providence schools as a way to excuse Brown’s failure to meet its more than decade-old commitment to raise $10 million for a permanent fund to support K-12 education in Providence. While ...


Letter: Brown’s gift policy is rooted in ethics

To the Editor: A recent guest column in The Herald, while well intentioned, incorrectly implied that Brown does not have a gift acceptance policy that is ethical. We want to assure the Brown community that the University does. The Communications, Alumni and External Affairs Committee of the Corporation ...


Letter: Public condemnation by CS HTAs further isolates students

To the Editor: As a computing education researcher, a teaching assistant and, most importantly, an equal member of the CS community, I was deeply dismayed by the April 25 letter by Head Teaching Assistants for CSCI 0150: “Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science,” condemning ...


Letter: Students should use guide to Hay library

To the Editor: The concluding paragraph of Thursday’s article “Hay library houses vast collection,” noted “Fields of Hay,” the recently-launched undergraduate guide to the John Hay Library. As a Special Collections Assistant at the Hay, I created the guide to offer students entry points to ...


Letter: A Jewish case against Brown Divest

To the Editor: In response to “A Jewish case for Brown Divest,” we, a group of Jewish students at Brown, would like to offer a different Jewish perspective and articulate why opposing divestment is in line with Jewish values. The authors contend that their Jewish identity “compels (them) to speak ...


Letter: The Herald must appoint a public editor

To the Editor: In the wake of the Providence Journal’s exposé of Martin Granoff’s P ’93 exclusive dinners, numerous students took to the Dear Blueno Facebook page to criticize The Brown Daily Herald — the supposed premier source for news about Brown — for missing the scoop. One anonymous ...

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