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Aman '20: Locked doors don’t keep us safe

How many times have you waited in the bitter cold for a friend to let you into their dorm? And of those times, how often did a kind stranger let you into the building, holding the door open as they swiped themselves in? How many times have you walked up to Stephen Robert ’62 Hall (“New Watson”) ...


Morel PhD'14: A different path for the Providence schools

In early November, the state of Rhode Island took control of the Providence Public School District. The takeover came after the release of the “Johns Hopkins Report,” which detailed the district’s academic challenges as well as the bureaucratic problems that have hindered the management of the ...


Harris-Grosky '22, Kianovsky '23, Edelstein '23, Nussbaum Cohen '23, Federman '23: The Democratic party must concretely oppose Israel’s annexationist policies

For decades, the long-standing consensus in American politics has been support for the two-state solution as the only viable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite this, the situation on the ground in recent years has deteriorated to the point that the dream of two states appears bleak. ...


Hall '20, Winsor '22: Ban oil money, recruiters from campus

Last month, a representative from ExxonMobil arrived on campus to recruit Brown geology students. One of us, Galen Winsor, went to listen and ask questions. As Brown students, we have deep concerns about the extent to which Brown supports and receives support from companies like ExxonMobil, which is ...


Bienstock ’20: Understanding BDS beyond the headlines

In recent years, the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement has grown among critics of Israel and its policies. At the same time, opponents of the movement have gained media and political prominence. Pundits have gone on at length about the movement’s supposed extremism, its “one-sidedness” ...


Whitaker '20: Loving the Open Curriculum

The merits of the Open Curriculum have become a point of discussion after Galen Hall ’20’s recent column questioned the success of Brown’s experiment. I am glad this is the case — traditions and policies need to be periodically reevaluated. But despite Hall’s thoughtful comments on the subject, ...


Strode '21: The case for unconditional freedom

As an intern on Capitol Hill this semester, I routinely provide tours to constituents visiting Washington. A popular statue and key American symbol we pass is Lady Justice. Most depictions construct Lady Justice as a blindfolded woman — a visual representation of an American belief in “equal justice ...


Siemens ’21: California’s laboratory of democracy

It has been a historic session for the California legislature. The state’s Democratic lawmakers and its newly minted liberal governor have staked out their positions in a political war between the nation’s most progressive state and a conservative president. California has frequently attracted headlines ...


Shea '21: Republican political stunt undermines democratic process

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, a faction of Republican members of the House of Representatives, around thirty strong, stormed into a closed door meeting where testimony relevant to the ongoing Trump impeachment inquiry was scheduled to be delivered. The group was led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla, who claimed that ...

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