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Senior Column | Villegas ’22: Expanding our universe

When I was young I remember looking up at the night sky and the stars that lay over it like white specks on a dark canvas while soft tones of mariachi danced in the background. One of these nights, I asked in gentle Spanish, “Papá, Mamá, qué son esas luces en el cielo? Si agarro una escalera ...


Senior Column | Perez ’22: What entrepreneurship means to me

Entrepreneurship runs in my blood. I am a proud first-generation Mexican American. My upbringing has been characterized by humility and filled with adversity. Both my parents risked their lives crossing the border to come to this country, in hopes of providing me and my brother with a better life ...


Senior Column | Ibrahim ’22: The truth about icebreakers

For the past four years, many of my interactions within and beyond the classroom have begun with answering icebreaker questions, sharing my class year and concentration with peers and listening to them as they do the same. This exercise is not unique to my college experience, of course; chances are ...


Senior Column | Blitzer ’22.5: The warmth of here

Marina Keegan, a graduate of Yale’s class of 2012, wrote “The Opposite of Loneliness” as a senior column on the eve of her own graduation. In a mere 940 words, Keegan poignantly captured the college experience: the excitement of leaving home, the trepidation of being on the precipice of adulthood, ...


Senior Column | Healy ’22: Learning to embrace uncertainty

I have never had a Plan. I’m organized, sure; some might even consider me Type A. I make detailed itineraries for vacations and color-coded spreadsheets of which classes to take. I spend too much time composing emails, designing PowerPoints and arranging my bookshelves. I keep everything in my room ...

Latest stories


Bahl ’24: We need new design strategies for older adults

A few years ago, I saw one of my grandfather’s friends copying an email into a Microsoft Word document word-by-word so that he was re-pasting the entire body of text. I curiously asked what he was doing, and he said that he needed to print out the email so he was painstakingly transferring it over ...


Liu ’25: Literature needs more non-white sad girls

From Sylvia Plath to Lana Del Rey, many women artists have embraced a keen sort of sadness that feels both delicately feminine and inseparable from their womanhood. It is not the kind of sadness that can be gone and forgotten after a few good cries. It is all-encompassing: an illogical, inexplicable ...


McGough '23: A return to normalcy: repoliticizing America

For far too long, Americans have blissfully pretended that some things are simply “apolitical” and devoid of potential controversy. Prior generations allowed civics to become a small and contained affair, idealizing politics and slowly devastating our country’s ability to form a more perfect ...


Gao ’24: CAPS must be more proactive serving students

As a member of the class of 2024, I share the pervasive feelings of burnout with my peers as we trudge through three consecutive terms. While the University has put Counseling and Psychological Services forth as an available resource for students, frustrations about CAPS still abound. 


Editorial: First-year advising falls short

First-year advisors — the professors, deans and academic administrators who offer advice to students as they navigate their first months in college — are students’ first guides through a daunting Open Curriculum. These advisors have the potential to positively shape a student’s college experience, ...

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