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Lin '23: Brown is no place for hate

As a bright-eyed first-year, I was tripped and pushed on Thayer Street by a man calling me an anti-Asian slur. I was harassed and threatened by six teenagers on a bus who shouted that I had caused COVID-19. Hate crime figures have risen dramatically nationwide, increasing 13.4% in 2020 according ...


Letter: Noise enforcement can take many forms

We at the Providence Noise Project greatly appreciated the op-ed by Juliet Fang ’26, “We need to reduce noise pollution,” which we thought did an excellent job covering the sources and detrimental impacts of excessive noise in Providence and elsewhere. Unnecessary ...


Siddiqui ’24: What the UK can teach America about unity

Like most people in the U.S., my attention is focused on the results of the midterm elections. This year’s contest was particularly important, as, with results still pouring in, control of the Senate is uncertain. Given these events, my mind can’t help but compare the state of affairs in the ...

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Gaber ’23: The importance of aimlessness

As I enter my senior year at Brown, I’m watching everyone around me make decisions that, on the surface, seem life-defining. What will our futures hold, and what is the best way we can shape them? For some, this question starts early. Many students in my class already know where they will be working ...


Editorial: Brown, get boosted

COVID-19 is still going around. Despite declining case counts nationwide, our country currently faces about 55,000 new infections and hundreds of deaths a day. At Brown, many of us know peers who have recently ...


Senior Column | Villegas ’22: Expanding our universe

When I was young I remember looking up at the night sky and the stars that lay over it like white specks on a dark canvas while soft tones of mariachi danced in the background. One of these nights, I asked in gentle Spanish, “Papá, Mamá, qué son esas luces en el cielo? Si agarro una escalera ...


Senior Column | Ibrahim ’22: The truth about icebreakers

For the past four years, many of my interactions within and beyond the classroom have begun with answering icebreaker questions, sharing my class year and concentration with peers and listening to them as they do the same. This exercise is not unique to my college experience, of course; chances are ...


Senior Column | Blitzer ’22.5: The warmth of here

Marina Keegan, a graduate of Yale’s class of 2012, wrote “The Opposite of Loneliness” as a senior column on the eve of her own graduation. In a mere 940 words, Keegan poignantly captured the college experience: the excitement of leaving home, the trepidation of being on the precipice of adulthood, ...


Senior Column | Healy ’22: Learning to embrace uncertainty

I have never had a Plan. I’m organized, sure; some might even consider me Type A. I make detailed itineraries for vacations and color-coded spreadsheets of which classes to take. I spend too much time composing emails, designing PowerPoints and arranging my bookshelves. I keep everything in my room ...

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