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Student-led team to launch satellite in Spring 2022

A University student-led satellite project called SBUDNIC has been building an exceptionally quickly and efficiently developed research nanosatellite.. The satellite, a 3U Cubesat built on a $10,000 budget over the course of a year, would be the first of its kind built solely from terrestrial parts ...


Schmidt '21: Distrusting COVID-19 science is a disease in itself

The immediate and negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are innumerable: serious illness, worsening mental health, economic downturn and more. But one of the most disastrous effects of the pandemic must not be overlooked: it has exacerbated already prevalent distrust in science and research. Tracing ...


Ainissa Ramirez ’90 pens ‘The Alchemy of Us’

As a student at Brown, Ainissa Ramirez ’90 would spend countless hours studying at her usual spot on the fifth floor of the Sciences Library. Perched five stories above Thayer Street, she would review her engineering or chemistry material until her friends reliably found her and walked her to the ...


Schmidt '21: The coronavirus is the great equalizer of science

At the forefront of everyone’s minds right now is the ever-developing COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a faraway problem in January in some people’s minds has shaped up to be a global health crisis with both immediate and long-term consequences. Now more than ever, the necessity of healthcare ...


University researchers investigate volcanic activity

In an effort to better understand volcanic activity and its origins on Earth and beyond, University researchers have examined the creation of magma chambers to help explain why these chambers exist at relatively the same depth across the globe. A recent study by Christian Huber, lead author of the research ...

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Science & Research

Science & Research Roundup, Oct. 5

Laser scan reveals massive ancient Mayan civilization in Guatemala At first glance, it could be easy to dismiss a patch in the Guatemalan jungle as just trees and plants. But after extensive analysis of a region spanning more than 2,100 square kilometers, a team of researchers has discovered an expansive ...

The Setonian

Miller: University should safeguard researchers’ independence

Criticism is part of science — indeed, science couldn’t move forward without it — but sometimes that criticism can be brutal. Assistant Professor of the Practice of Behavioral and Social Sciences Lisa Littman is getting a taste of that right now in the reaction to her paper on rapid-onset gender ...

Science & Research

University studies postpartum depression program

Postpartum depression, experienced by one in seven mothers in the United States, is more than twice as common among low-income women, according to a press release from Michigan State University. Researchers from Michigan State and the University are now studying how a program shown to help prevent postpartum ...

Science & Research

Fair educates community on brain science

Housed in the recently opened Engineering Research Center, the Brown Brain Fair welcomed more than 800 attendees to learn more about brain sciences Saturday. Organized by the nonprofit Cure Alliance for Mental Illness, the event was part of the third annual Brain Week Rhode Island, which aims to raise ...

Science & Research

Kaufmann '18: Data (mis)match

Math dictates almost every process in our lives: It can determine if an infectious disease will become an epidemic, how quickly a biochemical system will reach its equilibrium and the circumstances under which a certain species will become extinct. However, though I am firm in my conviction that math ...

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