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Science & Research

Science & Research

Some island conifers may face extinction by 2070

Some trees like the Norfolk pine and other island-native conifers may become extinct by 2070 due to the effects of climate change, according to University research published this summer. Up to 25 percent of all conifers — a group of trees that includes firs, redwoods and pines — could become extinct ...

Science & Research

Science and Research Roundup, Sept. 17

Sharks shrug shoulders to swallow, study shows Without tongues to move food through their mouths, some sharks use their shoulders instead to pull food down their digestive tracts. A University study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B used new X-ray technology developed at Brown to capture ...

Science & Research

Science and Research Roundup, Sept. 12

U. research examines muscles in bat wings The muscles in bat wings function at markedly lower temperatures than the other muscles in their bodies, but still effectively keep the mammals airborne, according to findings from Andrea Rummel GS, Professor of Biology and Engineering Sharon Swartz and Professor ...

Science & Research

Brain science blooms at Brown

David Berson ’75, chair of neuroscience, studies how information travels from the eye to the brain. One of his recent projects examines the spidery forms of cells in the retina at the back of the eye, reconstructing their shapes and interconnections at a very fine scale. They’re shaped like spaghetti ...

Science & Research

CS concentrators face unique challenges on campus

This is the first of two stories examining the workings of the University’s largest concentration— the computer science department — its value and its challenges. While Kendrick Tan ’21, a former Herald reporter, was taking computer science classes, it consumed his life. If he was not working ...

Science & Research

Quarter of undergrads sleep 6 hours or less

Sleep rejuvenates the body and the mind, and drooping eyelids, nodding heads and the temptation to succumb to a nap in lecture point to the potential risks caused by lack of sleep among some at the University. Nearly a quarter of undergraduate students who participated in The Herald’s spring 2019 ...

Science & Research

Course organized by students tackles ethics in CS

Last spring, students in a new computer science social change course developed software tools for a disaster relief organization to teach refugee children about science and technology, a Chrome extension to filter hate speech on the internet and a mobile app to help doctors during a patient visits. Called ...

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